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Just Added: Studio Planning Calendar

Just added to the Printables > Studio Business page:

Studio Planning Calendar

I needed some kind of calendar to keep track of both short-term and long-term studio-related projects…and came up with this!  Each month has space for 8 dates or “to-do” items.  The check boxes are so you can “check off” those to-do items with the utmost satisfaction.  🙂

Here are some of the things I’m keeping track of using this calendar:

  • Piano tunings
  • Studio Recital(s) planning
  • Create monthly newsletter
  • Advertising
  • Summer camp planning
  • etc.
You are welcome to download and use this pdf in your own studio, as always!  I’ve left room at the top of the page for you to print your own logo across the top if desired — just send it through the printer a second time.