Just Added: Piano Finger Twister game

I have a new game to share today: Piano Finger Twister!

This game was inspired by a “Finger Twister” Happy Meals toy I found at a thrift store recently.  I saw it on the shelf and instantly thought, “I can make a music game out of that!”  Here’s a photo of the original game that inspired me:

This game is a great way to teach RH versus LH, and the piano fingering 1-5.   Here’s how it works:  The student spins the spinner (pictured below), which tells the student which hand and finger to put on a colored dot on the playing mat.  After a few rounds of this, the students hands and fingers will be pretty busy on the mat…and when it’s no longer possible to hang on to all the right dots, it’s game over!

To download the printable, visit the Printables > Games page and scroll down to the P’s for “Piano Finger Twister game.”  The only materials you will need once you print and cut out the parts is a spinner.  I found the package of spinners below at Hobby Lobby.  You can often find spinners at teacher supply stores too.


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15 thoughts on “Just Added: Piano Finger Twister game”

  1. So creative and fun! I’ve been accumulating some small music/piano related games, books/coloring books, etc. to have in my “waiting room” (aka living room) for kids to play when they’re waiting for their lesson. A lot of my students have siblings and it’s nice to have things for them to do while they wait. I have a basket full of stuff and this will be a fun addition! Of course, this would also be fun to play during the first few minutes of a lesson, too! Thanks for sharing, as always. 🙂

  2. My girlfriend and I both served as presidents for our local piano teachers organization. We had to come up with monthly meeting ideas. I told my girfriend about all the game ideas I came up with when just wandering the aisles at the dollar store. So she suggested several times we should start the meeting at a local coffee shop and take everyone to the dollar store to show how you could accumulate ideas and the props needed.

    It would so cool to have all the teachers like you who share your ideas through blogging to go hunting & shopping together at local dollar and craft stores…lol Take in an orchestra concert or piano recital…etc

  3. I love that you share your music games online! It helps me be a better music teacher and add fun with learning =) I am having a problem printing the Finger twister…could you e-mail it to me (I am not sure why my printer won’t print that format?) Thanks!

  4. Neat! I heard of a colleague using this and made something up on a piece of cardboard. But, this is much nicer. Until I find the pointer I will use a paperclip and pencil:) Thanks for sharing!

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