Free Printable: Sticky Notes Template

Did you know there is a way to safely send sticky notes through your inkjet printer?

I learned this piece of information a couple of years ago, thanks to Pinterest! Although I found plenty of free sticky notes templates available online, I decided to create my own user-friendly version.

Just imagine of all the things you could create by printing on sticky notes. 😀

I recommend using the “Super Sticky” Post-it notes instead of regular Post-it notes, so they will last longer. Here’s a link to a package of “Super Sticky” Post-it notes in my favorite color set. 🙂

And here’s where you can download my free template (Microsoft Word document) so you can print whatever you like onto sticky notes. Let me know what awesome things you create!

  Sticky Notes Template (44.2 KiB, 15,738 hits)

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Download the Microsoft Word template.
  2. Print page 1 of the document to create your template sheet.
  3. Affix six sticky notes onto the template, on the printed boxes.
  4. On page 2 of the document, add your own text/graphics that you would like to have printed onto the sticky notes.
  5. Place the template sheet in the paper feed tray of your printer so that the printing will appear on the correct side — that is, onto the sticky notes. For most printers, this means placing the templates face-down with the top edge of the sheet away from you.
  6. Now you are ready to print page 2 of the document and enjoy your printed sticky notes!

Here’s an example of something awesome I made using this template. 🙂 I created a set of inspiration quotes and a set of Bible verse quotes.

Check out the “Notes To Self” Wall Art Kit here!

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10 thoughts on “Free Printable: Sticky Notes Template”

  1. This is super cool idea!! But do the sticky notes ever get stuck in your printer?? Or cause any issues? Sounds a little scary 😛

  2. This worked perfectly. I cut and pasted quotes and images from the internet. I love the way that it came out.
    Thank you

  3. This is amazing! I’ve been fighting all afternoon with the printer and various templates until I found yours. Super easy to use and works perfectly! Thank you so so much.

  4. These templates are so helpful and easy to use!!! I love to make notes in my Bible and this keep my notes tidy and fun ! Thank you for sharing this and for free!! Do you have a template for a 4″x 6″ post-it?

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