In The Shop: “Notes To Self” Wall Art

It’s here! I’ve been hinting about this on instagram all week. I’m so excited to today share with you a project I’ve been working for the past few months.

Inspired by a project I saw at my town’s local university campus, I decided to create something similar for my piano students. I call it the “Notes To Self” wall art.

Those who approach the “Notes To Self” wall art are encouraged by the sign to “Take one to-go, for you or somebody else!”

The quotes and sayings were chosen with positivity and encouragement in mind. They’re fun to admire, and it’s fun to pick out one to take with you. My students are enjoying this!

I drew all of the quotes and sayings myself by hand — but the designs have been digitized so they can be printed out directly onto the sticky notes using the template shown below. Easy! (Learn more about the template here.)

These “Notes To Self” sticky notes are a great way to promote positivity and camaraderie among your students.

(And by the way, these are not just for music students. They are great for any setting where people gather for a common purpose: schools, workplaces, gyms, churches, music/dance/art studios, and more. My husband put up a set at his workplace, and they’ve been a hit!)

I created two different sets of Notes To Self sticky notes: a set of Bible verses and a set of general inspirational sayings and quotes. The sets can be used separately or collectively as one wall art.

This is the view over my desk these days. I love it. 🙂

To create your own “Notes To Self” wall art, here’s what you’ll need:

  • An open wall space
  • An inkjet printer
  • Printer paper
  • 3’x3′ sticky notes (here’s the “Super Sticky” Post-It notes I recommend, in my favorite color set) 🙂
  • The “Notes To Self” wall art kit (PDF) available for purchase in my shop.

After purchasing the PDF, you will immediately receive an email containing the download link. Assembly is easy and doesn’t take long. The instructions, along with a link to a YouTube video, are contained within the PDF.

Check out all the details by visiting the listing in my shop for the “Notes To Self” wall art kit.

Happy summer, my friends!

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5 thoughts on “In The Shop: “Notes To Self” Wall Art”

  1. Great idea, Joy! Just wanted to point out the typo in the final photo (the T is missing from the word EVERYTHING).

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