Terms of Use

Having trouble with the shopping cart?

Here is how to purchase an item(s) from the ColorInMyPiano Shop:

  1. Click the “Purchase” button for the item(s) you wish to purchase. After a moment, the button will change to read “Checkout,” which means the item has successfully been added to your cart.
  2. When you are ready to check out, visit the Shopping Cart page.  The page will prompt you for name and email address. (Please use a personal email address instead of a school-based email address. School accounts use strong filters that may prevent you from receiving the email receipt containing the download links.) The Shopping Cart will then send you to PayPal.com, where you can pay via your credit card or Paypal account.
  3. Once you are finished at PayPal.com, check your email inbox for an email receipt from me (a different one from the PayPal receipt) containing the link to your purchase. If for some reason you do not receive the email receipt, please let me know and I will send your files another way. Click the link in the email to download the item, and then be sure to save the file in a safe place on your computer so you can print it in the future as needed.  See the Terms of Use below for the guidelines about using your new item.

If you encounter any difficulty using the shopping cart, please try using Firefox or Google Chrome as your internet browser. The shopping cart may not to be compatible with the iPad or with old versions of Internet Explorer. If the shopping cart still does not work properly for you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Having trouble downloading your purchased files? 

  • If you received an email receipt from PayPal but did not receive the other purchase receipt containing download links, please check your spam folder. If it is not there, please let me know. Certain email servers (such as school email address) tend to block emails such as purchase receipts. I can change your contact information to a different email address or correct the spelling if you suspect that you might have entered it incorrectly.
  • If you received the email receipt but the download links appear to have expired, please contact me to ask for an email receipt with new links. I will make sure that you receive your purchased items!
  • If you are having trouble opening your PDFs, please check that you have the latest free version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

Terms of Use

By downloading/purchasing items from ColorInMyPiano.com, you have agreed to respect the copyright and follow the terms of use.

  1. Copyright – All of the files downloaded from ColorInMyPiano are protected by copyright law.
  2. Licensing
    1. Studio License – Permission is granted for the purchasing teacher to make unlimited printouts and use the digital files for the purpose of teaching their own students. Sharing printouts or the digital files beyond that purpose is not permitted. The purchaser is not permitted to resell the item(s), or alter, modify, or create derivative works.
    2. Single User License – Permission is granted for the purchaser to make a printout for personal use. Sharing the digital file/printouts with others is not permitted. The purchaser is not permitted to resell the item(s), or alter, modify, or create derivative works.
  3. Non-Transferrable – Purchase items from ColorInMyPiano are non-transferrable and must not be shared with other studios, teachers, or students of other teachers. Multi-teacher studios should purchase separate files for each teacher.
  4. Responsibility – In all cases, the customer is ultimately responsible for their copyright compliance and the legal ramifications of their copy activity.

If you have questions about the copyright or terms of use, do not hesitate to ask. Your cooperation and support is much appreciated!