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  Identifying Intervals worksheets
» 770.7 KiB - 6,141 hits - 14 November 2013
This series of interval worksheets are designed to help students learn to recognize intervals on sight, without "counting" between the notes. As students complete the worksheets, they should be encouraged to notice the line/space patterns that result with each interval. E.g., 3rds, and 5ths are similar in that they each result in a "line-to-line" (a line note going to another line note) or a "space-to-space." 2nds and 4ths are similar in that they each result in "line-to-space" or "space-to-line." Click here to read more and to learn about the print-friendly version of this PDF.

  Key Sigs, Scales, and Chords worksheet set
» 1.7 MiB - 1,367 hits - 1 January 2000
This worksheet set is about keys signatures, scales, and chords. It contains four pages. These are great for one-on-one lessons as well as for a group setting. For an in-person group setting, you could connect your iPad/computer to a TV or projector to create a virtual whiteboard. Talk through the worksheet and fill in the blanks together. For an online group setting in Zoom, you can have students work together to annotate the sheet. I did this recently with a group and was happy with the result. We talked through the activity together, and I asked students to choose a pen color and each annotate certain parts of the sheet as we went. A print-friendly black-and-white version of this worksheet set is also available. Learn more here.

  Matching Music Keys
» 2.9 MiB - 5,694 hits - 2 August 2013
IPad mini matching music worksheets This set of digital worksheets is designed for the student to practice matching key signatures for major and minor keys. The pdf contains 8 progressive worksheets for sharp and flat keys. Using a pdf notation app such as GoodNotes, students can complete these worksheets digitally on the iPad. Read more about this worksheet and some related printables here.

  Matching Staff to Keyboard -- Digital Worksheets
» 307.2 KiB - 7,776 hits - 3 January 2015
This PDF is a colorful, digital version of my black-and-white Matching Staff to Keyboard worksheets. There are 20 pages, each providing three notes for the student to match to the keyboard. Using an annotation app such as GoodNotes, students can complete the worksheet digitally. These worksheets are intended to help students improve the correlation between the keyboard and staff notation.

Click here to view the original blog post about this worksheet.

  Piano Finger Bling
» 794.3 KiB - 4,202 hits - 31 October 2013
Piano Finger Bling preview iPad This multi-page PDF contains pages picturing an outline of either the RH or a LH with a diamond ring on a random finger. Teachers can upload this PDF to their favorite annotation app (I use GoodNotes) and allow students to label each hand as RH or LH and each finger with the ring as #1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Read this post to learn more.

  Staff Paper & More
» 2.1 MiB - 10,411 hits - 2 July 2013
IPadminiWhite staff paperThis multi-page pdf contains various types of staff paper to be used on the iPad or tablet of your choice in conjunction with an annotation app such as GoodNotes. Once uploaded, you can draw and erase upon the staff backgrounds like using a whiteboard. Click here to learn more about uploading files to an app such as GoodNotes.

  What Do YOU Hear? - Rhythm Patterns game set
» 1.2 MiB - 1,315 hits - 1 January 2000
This set contains two pages: rhythm patterns in duple meter and rhythm patterns in triple meter. The teacher chants a rhythm pattern as students listen. Students echo it back and then identify which rhythm pattern they heard from the sheet. If you have a group of students in a Zoom call, you can ask them to each choose a different "stamp" from the stamp tool (stars, hearts, checkmark, etc.) so they can visually mark which rhythm pattern they heard. Or, it also works to ask them to use hand signs (for example, if they heard rhythm pattern C, they will make a "C" shape with their hands). A print-friendly version of this PDF is also available. Learn more here.