Email Subscription Updates

Yesterday, I transferred the email daily blog update service over from Feedburner to MailChimp.  I’ve been using MailChimp to handle weekly blog update subscriptions, and have been pleased with everything about it.  Now that MailChimp is handling both, you will find it easy to switch between the two at any time – which you can do by entering your email address into the subscription box in the sidebar.  Mailchimp will recognize that you are already on the list and lead you through the option of updating your preferences.

So, those of you who are getting daily blog updates in your email in box should be viewing the new email look right now!  Hopefully, the transition was smooth – let me know if you have any problems of concerns.  The rest of you should be pretty unaffected by this change.  🙂


June 2011 Blog Roundup

Yikes, June is almost over already!!  I’d better hurry up and post about these new (to me) links from around the blogosphere!

  • Evolving Music Education blog | Dan Shure is a passionate piano teacher who recently moved his studio from a home location to a commercial location.  Check out his blog to find fun ideas for games and activities during piano lessons.

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May 2011 Blog Roundup

In the last month, a bunch of blogs have come to my attention — and I’d like to share them all with you here today!  Check these out.
  • Piano Escapades | Wendy Chan is a creative piano teacher who posts colorful printables and shares ideas.  This is a must see.

  • Miss Luba’s blog | Luba has a great writing style that is straightforward and down-to-earth.  Her posts are a real pleasure to read!

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More About the Logistics of Setting Up A Blog

I frequently receive emails from readers who are curious to know more about how to go about setting up a blog.  I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about this for a while to help answer those questions, and finally, here it is: a guide to the logistics of setting up a blog!

There are two things you need in order to have a website:

  1. A domain name.  (e.g.,, or
  2. A place to store your website on the internet; i.e., a web hosting service.

Both of these things are available free, or you can pay for them.

Domain Names

You can get a free domain name with a free blogging service such as or — but it will have their name also tagged onto the end of it (e.g.,  If you would rather have the whole name yourself, you can buy annual rights to a domain name at a site such as (owned by Google).  This makes it a little easier for followers of your blog to remember your url.

If you decide to purchase your own domain name, try to choose something that is not too long and is easy to remember in connection to your blog’s name and topic.

Sometimes I get asked about which free blogging service is best, after all, there are so many and they all basically do the same thing.  Most people use Blogger or WordPress.  I personally prefer WordPress because I think it’s more user friendly, but you can try them all out for free so there’s no reason not to. Continue reading “More About the Logistics of Setting Up A Blog”