March Blog Roundup

I haven’t done one of these in awhile!  Here’s a roundup of some great blogs you may not have seen before:

The Plucky Pianista – Melody Payne has started a great blog and has already shared some fabulous worksheets!

Susan Johannessen is another piano teacher with a new blog, “Keyboard Magic.”  She has some very creative games and activities for students!

Rachel is a string and piano teacher who has also started a new blog: “Studio In A Box!”  I love the look of her website:

Joette has a nice studio blog where she shares her students’ activities and accomplishments.  Her recent post about floor staff twister looks like fun!

Last, but not least, keep an eye on the new pedagogy website run by the distinguished New School for Music Study in New Jersey.  The blog page and “Teaching Videos & Tutorials” page are bound to be a great resource for music teachers in the future!

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2 thoughts on “March Blog Roundup”

  1. Thank you so much, Joy! 🙂 I’ve definitely been inspired by all of the wonderful posts and resources you have included in Color In My Piano. Looking forward to many more!

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