2012 MTNA Conference in NYC

I can’t believe that the MTNA Conference in NYC is just over a week away!  I can’t wait!

Are any of you going?  Natalie from Music Matters Blog is planning a get-together on Saturday for dinner.  I plan to attend, and would be thrilled to meet any of you who are going to the conference.  So please, consider joining us!

Hope to see some of you there!  🙂

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7 thoughts on “2012 MTNA Conference in NYC”

  1. I’m hoping to be there at Natalie’s get together. My mom and I are seeing Wicked that day at 2pm so it’s going to really cut it close. Not sure if we’ll make it. 🙁 But we’ll certainly try even if we might be a little late.

  2. I am already sad knowing I won’t be there! I look forward to experience it through both you and Natalie’s eyes! Enjoy!!!

  3. Sure wish I could meet up with all my blogger friends! I won’t get there until Sunday afternoon. I’m really looking forward to the conference! Hopefully I will meet some of you in passing. 🙂

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