August Blog Roundup

Here’s what’s new to me in the blogosphere!  I’m always amazed at how many resources there are on the web.  What would we ever do without the internet?!

  • Repertoire Review blog & podcast |  Luke D. Bartolomeo reviews repertoire books and talks/writes about them on his website.  What a great resource!  It’s a great way to become familiar with various supplemental materials for students.
  • Notes About Music Notes blog | Lesa blogs about music among her other interests, and shares lots of nice photos too.
  • 3-D Piano with Frank Karphoff blog | The 3-D Piano with Frank Karphoff dvd is a great resource which won the 2011 MTNA Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award.  Their webpage includes a blog with well-written articles you may be interested in checking out!

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6 thoughts on “August Blog Roundup”

  1. Hi Joy,
    This is the site I’ve been using to blog about my piano teaching adventures. I have a different site that I share with the families of my students, but this one if just for me.

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