June 2011 Blog Roundup

Yikes, June is almost over already!!  I’d better hurry up and post about these new (to me) links from around the blogosphere!

  • Evolving Music Education blog | Dan Shure is a passionate piano teacher who recently moved his studio from a home location to a commercial location.  Check out his blog to find fun ideas for games and activities during piano lessons.

  • Diane Hidy’s Piano Teaching Tips | Okay, so this isn’t technically a blog, but it’s definitely share-worthy so I’m including it here!  Diane Hidy has recently created a facebook page with piano teaching tips.  If you haven’t already “liked” her facebook page, this is a must-see!!

  • | An interesting blog which I recently happened upon — Matt shares his thoughts of being a pianist and piano teacher:

  • | Nancy William is a professional writer who takes piano lessons and maintains a blog “Reflections on a Grand Passion” directed at fellow adult students of piano lessons.  Her posts are very well-written and interesting to read!  I plan to share this link with an adult student I recently began teaching.  (Thanks to Laura for blogging about this link!)

Happy reading!

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4 thoughts on “June 2011 Blog Roundup”

  1. Joy–a very hearty thanks for the mention in your blog roundup. Your site is very well done, and a valuable resource for piano teachers, not to mention piano students with your Wednesday quotes and pedagogical tips. I liked the reference sheet on scale fingering.

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