Freebie: Lesson Attendance Sheet Updated for 2018-19

I have just finished updating one of the studio business forms from the Printables page for the 2018-19 school year.  It is called the Record of Lesson Attendance & Payment PDF.  I do not currently use this form myself anymore, but I still receive requests from teachers are using it so I am happy to update it again this year!

In case you haven’t seen this, here is how the form works: Write your students’ names in the first column.  Each week, write the lesson date (in a month / date format) in the column for that week.  This is how you can track attendance.  The small circles in each cell are where you can write checkmarks indicating tuition payments.  Whether you charge by-the-week or by-the-month, you can place a checkmark by each paid lesson date.


Download it below or on the Printables > Studio Business page.

P.S.: Here is a link to where I explain my current system for tracking payments received.

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6 thoughts on “Freebie: Lesson Attendance Sheet Updated for 2018-19”

  1. Thanks so much Joy! I came to see if you had an updated version for this school year and here it is! I use these every year as well.

  2. Hi Joy,
    Thanks so much for creating forms for organizing! I wonder if you can help, I keep getting blocked plug in notices…….how can I change that on a mac?

  3. This is great! However, I was wondering if here is a way to edit the chart to reflect my actual teaching days. I begin lessons in August instead of September. Also, I do not teach during week long breaks during the school year, so I prefer not to have those dates included in the attendance chart. Thanks in advance!

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