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Just added: Performing at the Piano Worksheet

Just added: a new free, printable worksheet called:

>  Performing at the Piano Worksheet

Just in time for the spring recital season, this fill-in-the-blank worksheet is intended to help prepare students for an upcoming recital or other performance by discussing stage presence and performance etiquette.

Terms/concepts covered in the worksheet:

  • Memorizing
  • Applause
  • Bowing
  • Checking the bench
  • and more.

This worksheet can either be sent home with students, completed one-on-one with the student during the lesson, or — my favorite — done as a group as a studio class or group lesson.   It would be fun to complete this worksheet as a group just before a practice run-through of a recital.

To download, visit the Printables > Worksheets page and scroll down to the P’s for “Performing at the Piano worksheet.”

Your turn!  Share your ideas for preparing students for recitals in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Just added: Performing at the Piano Worksheet”

  1. Happy to have stumbled across your site- thank you so much for sharing. I have been teaching for a long time and needed some “new blood”! With two special needs sons and an office job as well as my piano lessons, I do not have as much time or energy as I would like to generate materials for my lessons, so I really appreciate your generosity. I love the recital prep sheet.
    One thing I do often is to record the pupils (with permission) when they think they are “finished” or “done” with a piece. This is useful on two levels, helping them to identify the strengths and weaknesses existing..and putting their performance under some pressure to see how confident/prepared they are for performance.
    Thank you again and all the very best!

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