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Music Keys Incentive Idea for Scales, Arpeggios, Cadences

Piano teacher Patti Bennett from Georgia came up with an awesome way to use the music keys printable I created back in 2013 (see this post).  She kindly agreed to let me post her photos and details about her incentive idea today! Patti has her students participate in Piano Guild Auditions in May, so she always has […]

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Christmas Paper Chain Fun

I saw this wonderful idea in one of the wonderful facebook groups for piano teachers (this one).   I am not sure who to credit with the original idea — I suppose it has been done many times by teachers in the past. The idea is that when a student learns a Christmas piece, they get […]

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Forum Q&A | Keeping Teenagers Engaged

Our last Q&A Forum topic was about organization.  I loved reading your ideas — thank you all for your responses! I had a great topic idea from a reader (thanks, Amy!) who asked: How do you keep teenagers engaged?  As we know, sometimes they are taking lessons only because their parents want them to.  Or, […]

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July 2012 Giveaway: Shhh…Your Piano Teacher Thinks This Is Practice

Andrea & Trevor Dow of Teach Piano Today have recently created a resource called, “Shhh…Your Piano Teacher Thinks This Is Practice.”  She kindly sent me a copy to review, so I’m going to tell you about it — and give you a chance to win your own copy! First, here is Andrea’s description of the […]

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Teaching Phrase: “I Think You Are Ready For…”

Here is a phrase I find myself use more and more lately with my students: “I think you are ready for…”   Imagine me saying it with plenty of enthusiasm.  This phrase comes in handy in a number of circumstances, such as: “Wow, you’ve got all your 5-finger patterns learned, so I think you are […]

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9 Tips for Teaching Piano To Young Ages

As piano teachers, we wear many hats.  School teachers often teach only one age group, or a few age groups.  Piano teachers are usually expected to be able to teach from age 5 to 95!  But as we all know, teaching a 5-year-old is much different from teaching a 15-year-old, or a 55-year-old.  :) In […]

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NCKP 2011 | (13) Student-Centered Teaching, by Randall Faber

I don’t normally post on Saturdays, but I’m so close to having all my conference notes posted that I decided to finish up today with the last one rather than wait until Monday!  Whew, thanks for bearing with me through the long haul!  Lucky for us, the last one is a good one.  :) I’ve […]

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May 2011 Giveaway: “Fearless Fortissimo” Piano Music for Boys

Greetings!  Today I have two important announcements: I have finished all the requirements for my Master’s degree!  HOORAY!  =D Today we have a new GIVEAWAY!  Here are the details: Andrea & Trevor Dow from yesterday’s interview have kindly agreed to sponsor a giveaway of Episode 1 of The Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo!  This pdf is […]

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Rethinking The Student’s First Lesson

Okay, so I’ve been thinking about this topic for a few weeks now, and today I’m spilling all!   Sorry about the length. =) Don’t Make My Mistake! When I first began teaching, I created a mental list of all the things I felt were essential for a new student should know.  I thought very […]

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Teaching With the Student’s Goals in Mind

This week I gave a few first lessons to some new students.  One of the things I always ask during the first lesson/interview is: What are some of your goals in taking piano lessons? Here are some examples of answers I’ve received from students: I want to be able to play classical pieces that everyone […]

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Teaching Tip: Engaging the Emotions

A discussion about the effectiveness of engaging the student’s emotions to encourage learning in the piano lesson.

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Book Review: “Red,” “Purple,” and “Blue” by Dror Perl

A few weeks ago, I received a friendly email from composer Dror Perl asking if I’d be willing to write a review of his music books. I, of course, said yes, and so Dror sent me complimentary copies of the Red and Purple books. Here is my full review of his wonderful books!

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