Christmas Paper Chain Fun

I saw this wonderful idea in one of the wonderful facebook groups for piano teachers (this one).   I am not sure who to credit with the original idea — I suppose it has been done many times by teachers in the past.

The idea is that when a student learns a Christmas piece, they get to add a paper strip to the chain.


I just started the chain this week with my students.  I love how this is a collaborative (instead of competitive) project that allows the entire studio to participate.  Our chain already reaches across the entryway of my studio!


It will be fun to see how long the chain gets by the time Christmas is over!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Paper Chain Fun”

  1. Thank you for this idea! My students enjoyed making their links in the chain, and it added to the decorations for our Christmas party, where they each played a carol..nice visual of all their hard work! 🙂

  2. This is a great idea ! I am going to use this in my class this year. I love that it is a project we can all do together ! Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks

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