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June 2011 Blog Roundup

Yikes, June is almost over already!!  I’d better hurry up and post about these new (to me) links from around the blogosphere! Evolving Music Education blog | Dan Shure is a passionate piano teacher who recently moved his studio from a home location to a commercial location.  Check out his blog to find fun ideas […]

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Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom

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Forum Q&A | Studio Business Structure: Sole Proprietorship, LLC, Corporation…?

It’s time to get another Forum Q&A going!!  Let’s talk about business structure options for teaching studios.  Despite having a music degree, I still know very, very little about setting up a business.  I doesn’t seem right…I wish one of my college courses had covered this topic at some point.  :/ Do you have a […]

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Studio Marketing: Creating Value

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for posts about how I’m building my studio since I moved to a new area.  I have been reading a lot of books and articles about marketing lately, and I’ve been learning a lot!   I’m happy to share what I’m learning, so I’m going to be […]

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Just Updated: Scale & Arpeggio Fingering (2 Octaves) Reference Sheet

Some of you may remember the Scale & Arpeggio Fingering reference sheet I posted in December of 2010. About a month ago, a friendly reader made some very helpful suggestions for improvement, and so I spent quite a bit of time revising the printable. It’s called “Scale and Arpeggio Fingering for Piano (2 Octaves)” and […]

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Tour of My Teaching Studio

Today I’m proud to take you on the penny tour… :) My husband and I feel so blessed to have found this adorable old house to rent. 

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Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom

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My Piano Purchase!

You saw the sneak peek photo yesterday… here’s the full scoop on my recent piano purchase! I’ve been shopping on Craigslist for quite some time, and I learned that a lot of piano shopping is about personal preference.  My husband and I looked at an absolutely breathtaking Knabe from the 1920’s, for example, but as […]

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…I’m Back!

Hello, fellow piano teachers! I hope you’ve missed me during my blogging hiatus.  :)  My husband and I are now happily moved to northwest Ohio, where we are renting a lovely old three-bedroom house within walking distance of downtown.  We have so much more space here versus our one-bedroom apartment back in Michigan, and let […]

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