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Just Added: Scales & Primary Chords Worksheet 1 (CGDF)

Just added: a new free, printable worksheet called:

>  Scales & Primary Chords Worksheet 1 (CGDF)

Ideally, this worksheet is designed for the intermediate+ student who is already familiar with the scales and primary chords for the keys of C, G, D, and F major, and perhaps could use some review in writing them out on the staff.  However, this worksheet could also be used during a group lesson while introducing these ideas for the first time.

Terms/concepts covered in the worksheet:

  • An understanding of key signatures for C, G, D, and F major.
  • Practice writing out scales.
  • Practice writing out primary chords.

To download, visit the Printables > Worksheets page and scroll down to the S’s for “Scales & Primary Chords worksheet.”

Watch for the next worksheet coming soon, covering D, A, E, and Bb major!

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60 CHORDS music images – Make your own Music Worksheets

Chord Abmajor BAs promised, here is a continuation of the “Make your own Music Worksheets” series — this time, adding CHORDS image files.

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Remember, “Tr” means “treble clef” and “B” means “bass clef.”

Happy worksheet-making!   Continue reading “60 CHORDS music images – Make your own Music Worksheets”