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Christmas Piano Duet Recommendations

Hello, friends!

My piano teacher friend, Susan West, and I have been busy practicing a selection of Christmas duets in order to perform them for a handful of local events during this December. Check out our favorite duet books below!

2877961Here is the list of piano duet books mentioned in the video:

Do you have Christmas duet recommendations for us to consider for next year? Please leave a comment below!

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12 thoughts on “Christmas Piano Duet Recommendations”

  1. I’ve recently purchased the Phillip Kevern Christmas duet book, and it’s really quite lovely. His arrangement of Joy to the World features many different elements that make for a fun listening and playing experience.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions…..going to put them on my wish list for next year as I have already purchased the ones for this year. The Christmas Music one looks like it will work for me and the person I duet with at church…

  3. Love your ideas, but I wonder if you might be able to remind us of past holiday posts much earlier than December. We teachers are probably planning Christmas music and gifts in early fall.. I remember the Christmas gift ideas from last year, but posted too late both times. Maybe I just over looked the links this fall?

  4. My favorite Christmas Duet collection is Dennis Alexander’s Magic of Christmas. I haven’t seen books 1 and 2, but Book 3 is delightful with a variety of styles, and my duet partner and I have played most of them several times at retirement home or church events.

  5. I have really enjoyed the Persichetti Appalachian Christmas Carols. I have several adults that enjoyed sharing these with me.

  6. Hi! I realize I’m seeing this post years later, but I’m so curious, what are the pieces from each book that you played? Thanks!

    1. Over the past few years, I think we’ve played almost everything out of the books listed above! We have certain favorites, but we enjoy sight-reading lots of things and then creating a slightly different program of pieces each year. 🙂

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