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2013 Music History Camp

As I mentioned in a post last week, I held a Music History Camp last week with five of my private students.  Each day, we studied an era of music history (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern) and also focused on a composer from that period.

To study the eras, I decided to write a printable booklet for each era.  Below is a sneak peek at how they turned out.  I think they could be very useful both for music camps as well as for private students.   These booklets are going to make their way to the Shop very soon, accompanied by a set of corresponding worksheets and a timeline showing other events occurring in history during these eras. Photo - collage

Students stored these booklets in a pocket of their “Music History” lapbook.  I also reused this free printable from last year’s camp.  This year, though, instead of gluing the photo cards directly into a lapbook, we put them into envelopes dedicated to each era.  That way, you can make a game out of mixing up the cards and sorting them back to the correct era.


Below is a photo of my students working on their composer lapbooks.  The four composers I chose to study this year were Handel, Haydn, Schumann, and Prokofiev.  Yes, there is a TON of cutting and glueing involved as you can see, but students really love assembling their lapbooks!  And I am so impressed with how much information students absorb when learning through lapbooking.


I love seeing how each student’s lapbook shows their individuality.  🙂


Here’s a photo from snacktime on the porch during camp.  For some students, this is their favorite part!  😉


For other students, the music history listening quiz was their favorite part.  I created a YouTube playlist of music from the different eras, and students had to identify the correct era.  You can check out the YouTube playlist here.

On Wednesday, I am leaving for the NCKP near Chicago — so my blogging will be sporadic, as will my progress in getting the Rhythm camp and the Music History Era Booklets listed the Shop.  Be patient with me — they will be up eventually!  🙂

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4 thoughts on “2013 Music History Camp”

  1. What a great idea/ learning tool. Its great to see young kids taking an interest music. I can’t wait for these booklets to hit the shop.

  2. Hi Joy,
    Great resources!
    I purchased the Music History Camp and would like to know how you used it for the camp: How many hours a day did you spend for each era? I’m thinking to introduce it for the first time this summer and would like to organize it dividing the time properly.
    Looking forward hearing from you.

    1. Hi, Susy!

      When I do my music history camp, we meet for two hours each day, Monday through Thursday. We spend the first 45 minutes or so talking about the era — the style, the music, etc.. After a snack break, we learn about a specific composer from that era and create the lapbooks. I have a more detailed explanation here:

      Let me know if you have other questions! I hope you and your students will have a blast. 🙂


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