NCKP 2013 (1) – Keynote Address: Service by Dr. Scott Price

I am excited to be here at the 2013 NCKP! I am going to try to live blog some of my notes through-out the week, Natalie Wickham style. ;). Check back soon for updates.

W July 24 @ 2pm – Keynote Address: Service by Dr. Scott Price

Dr. Price began by showing video of one of his special needs students, Margaret, singing and playing the folk song “Oh Susannah.” It was a heartwarming video!

Dr. Price then asked: Is Margaret going to win competitions, scholarships, piano camps? No. But she can play folk songs and sing with family and friends. This video shows what we do every day as teachers: we serve.

Many people say no to students such as Margaret.

The best servant is about anticipation – knowing what someone wants even before they know they want it. Perhaps we should say “yes” more often, and without regard to age, ethnicity, etc.

The world has changed. Students have more stress, violence has increased. Our service invests in people and community. We teachers provide for students tools that will last their whole life, not to mention the love and passion we pour into them. They know someone cares. Even when you have a PhD scholarship, the piano can be taken away, but never the music.

Like good servants, we know what they need, when they’ll need it, etc down the road.
Then Dr. Price shared about his previous teachers and how each one shaped him. Alsbrooks Smith from Findlay, Ohio was his teacher in middle and high school. It was Virginia Marks in undergrad. Grad school included Jane Magrath and E.L.Lancaster.

Themes in service:

• Belief in student and ability to succeed.
• Kindness
• Honesty
• Positive
• Support
• A means of self expression

Never forget that you are every bit as important in peoples’ lives as the other professionals in your community.

We serve other teachers too. The teacher is forever the student, and the student is forever the teacher. We are lifelong learners. Never forget that you and your service is important.

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