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A couple of weeks ago, I came across a wonderful little online shop called The Practice Shoppe.


Leslie, the owner, is a Suzuki violin teacher/mom.  She sells a variety of fun things in her shop to help make lessons and practice fun for students.

I ordered a few of her wonderful music dice, which are just begging to be used for some music games!  I’ll be sharing about a new game tomorrow.


The 4-sided or 8-sided dice might be nice to keep near the piano when you want a student to repeat a “practice spot” a few times.  Students can roll the dice to determine how many repetitions to do.

The black, 12-sided “Musician’s Dice” is perfect for quizzing scales/arpeggios once your students know all 12 keys.

I plan to use the “Music Notes 1” dice (pictured at the bottom of the photo) as an alternative to a regular dice. The sides have a whole note, dotted-half note, half note, quarter note, two eighth notes, and a quarter rest.

Leslie also has some items perfect for a prize box, if you use some kind of incentive program in your studio.  In the photo above, you can see a couple of “spirit sticks” (keychains) and a cute music bracelet.

I also ordered a few Japanese puzzle erasers.  I plan to use these as game markers for games with my students, such as the ever-popular Amazing Keyboard Race:


I was impressed with the quality of the items I ordered and will definitely be ordering again soon!

You can check out The Practice Shoppe by clicking here and visit their facebook page by clicking here.

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