Keyboard Rollin’ Game

I am a big fan of games, and because of that I am inspired to create a game. I wanted to create a note-naming game for my waiting room area, and this is what I came up with: the Keyboard Rollin’ Game.

There are two game boards to choose from, depending on if you would like to practice treble clef notes or bass clef notes.


Then, you must choose whether to practice line notes or space notes and use the corresponding music die.  You can make your own line/space note dice using wood/foam cubes, but I recommend buying the wonderful Line Notes & Space Notes dice available in The Practice Shoppe.  While you are at it, you can also order some cute puzzle erasers to use as the game markers for this game.  🙂

This non-competitive game is pretty straight-forward: roll the dice, name the note, and move the game marker to the appropriate piano key.  The 5 line notes of the staff have been shaded in blue on the keyboard to help build the student’s sense of staff-to-keyboard correlation.  For a challenge, students could time themselves to see how quickly they can identify 25 notes.


To make the game more challenging, you can add an accidentals die to the mix, so that students will have to identify sharp/flat/natural notes.

To download the FREE pdf of the game boards, visit the Printables > Games page and scroll down to “Keyboard Rollin’ Game.”   The game directions can be printed on the back of the gameboard.

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