MTNA 2012 Conference | Steinway Factory Tour

On Tuesday during the conference, I went on a tour of the Steinway Factory!

Getting off the bus.

The Steinway factory!

My roommate and I, ready for the tour with our safety glasses!  MTNA paired us together after I emailed to let them know I was looking for someone to room with for the conference.  She’s a wonderful teacher from Colorado.

Bending the rim.  Exciting!

More scenes from the factory…


Preparing the perfect boards with the perfect grain for a perfect soundboard!


Working on a custom order for inlaid mother-of-pearl butterflies.

The best method for letting the action department below know what size rim will be coming their way next: dropping painted golf balls down a PVC pipe!  It was found to be faster than the computers.

What a great tour!  It was so fascinating to see what love and hard work goes into every Steinway.  It makes me even more appreciative of their wonderful pianos!


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2 thoughts on “MTNA 2012 Conference | Steinway Factory Tour”

  1. There is a great documentary on the making of a Steinway grand from beginning to end. You can find it on NetFlix. It is something like “The Making of L###.” It is great to watch. Also a documentary called “They came to play” is absolutely awesome about adult performers entering a piano competition.

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