MTNA 2012 Conference | Local Associations Forum Meeting

Monday afternoon at the conference, I attended a wonderful session on teaching students with disabilities.  Click here to view Natalie’s thorough notes!

After that, I attended an open forum for discussing ideas and solutions for local associations.  To start, a representative from the Fox Valley Association of Wisconsin told us the story of how they applied — and won! — to become the MTNA Local Association of the Year.

There are three criteria for being MTNA Local Association of the Year:

  1. Active in community.
  2. Professional growth for teachers.
  3. Big projects/goals.

Click here to view the application form for the MTNA Local Association of the Year award.

After the Fox Valley Association told us about their success, a discussion was begun among the attendees about the sharing of ideas and problems of various local associations.  Here’s a few comments that people made that I jotted down: 

  • One person said they were able to increase membership in their local association by making their events friendly for all instruments (not just piano).
  • A few people discussed the problem of great reluctance among members to help with the work of organizing and running events.   One person commented that if an event is not being value, consider canceling it for a year to see if or how badly it’s missed.
  • Another person suggested that to encourage volunteers, make it a requirement for those not serving on the board to work 3 events that they aren’t entering students in.  This has caused the board positions to become rather coveted!  Another person stated that their association charges a $25 fee of teachers who do not to help at events.
  • One association member told us about how they have hired a CPA to do their taxes and to help with their budget.  Creating a budget and reorganizing their mission/focus has really helped their association.  They have found themselves renewed with direction for the future!
  • Other people told us about the success of certain events they’ve been holding, such as a Play-A-Thon that benefits the community.

It was so interesting to attend this session and hear about the problems and successes of other local events around the country!

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