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Wee Sing “Games, Games, Games”

For Christmas, my friend and colleague Loretta gave me the Wee Sing “Games, Games, Games” book with music.  I’ve been using it with my Homeschool Music Class with great success!  We typically do a lot of sitting as we learn about composers, listen to music, and learn about the musical instruments.  So I always find it’s important to come up with a few games that allow them to stand up and move around the room too.  This Wee Sing book makes it much easier to plan movement activities!  So far we’ve tried the “Looby Loo” song and the “Pass the Ball” song.

For “Pass the Ball,” students stand in a circle and pass the ball with the beat.  The sound of the tambourine is the signal to pass the ball the other direction.  The music goes faster and slower at certain points, which makes the kids get very excited!  I got out a bunch of different little balls to pass, just to keep things interesting: a plush basketball, a Nerf ball, a fuzzy craft ball, and a juggling bean bag.

You can find the Wee Sing “Games, Games, Games” book with CD on Amazon.

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