Pictures from the Studio

Thought I’d share a few photos of random things from the studio…

Here’s a first composition created by one of my young students last week.  It’s called “Hush Little Squirrels.”  I love her inventive notation system!  You can see the black key groups of 2’s and 3’s pictured, and the L’s and H’s mean high or low.  I was so proud of the work she put into creating and notating her piece.

My parents gave me this for Christmas to hang on the wall in my studio:

I’ve been looking for something to put on the wall over my piano for awhile now.  I think this looks nice there!

My homeschool students are still working their way through the Musical Instruments Workbook.  I used to store my crayons in a zipper bag and dump them out on the floor in little piles.  Then I came across these cute little tin buckets that I bought at the dollar section at Target (probably a year ago), and found that they are absolutely perfect for crayons!  Cleanup is a lot easier now that we don’t have all the crayons spread across the floor.  🙂

So that’s what’s new around the studio!

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2 thoughts on “Pictures from the Studio”

  1. I’d love to hear more about your homeschooled students! Do you teach them in groups? I’m considering doing some week long workshops this summer, so I’m always looking for ideas for group work 🙂

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