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Halloween Candy = Opportunity for Free Marketing

Thanks to the wonderfully helpful ideas that YOU all submitted in reply to the Forum Q&A last month about advertising, this year for Halloween I am passing out candy that has a note with my studio name and information on it!

I created these tags in Microsoft Word and printed them onto cardstock paper.  I cut out each tag and used a circle of scotch tape to attach the candy to the backside of each tag.  The tags have my studio name, what I do, and my contact information. 

I considered printing onto sticky labels, but I was concerned that they wouldn’t get noticed and would simply get tossed out with the wrapper.  A separate card might get handed to the parent, or get left around the house — and hopefully get read!

Even if I don’t get a single phone call after this, I at least want people in my neighborhood to realize that there is a piano teacher nearby.  I have read somewhere that the average person must see a company name three times before they will take action.  This will hopefully count as one time.  🙂

Total cost: about $10.  That is what I paid for the large bag of LaffyTaffy’s.  I printed on cardstock paper I already had in the house.  It seems like a pretty affordable way to spread the word about my studio!

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9 thoughts on “Halloween Candy = Opportunity for Free Marketing”

  1. Joy, this is brilliant. I totally want to do the same thing now. I just discovered your blog and I love it! Full of great ideas for piano teachers and your printables are FANTASTIC. Very inspiring.

  2. Joy, I was wondering if you did get any referrals from this method after all? Thank you for the invaluable service you provide to other teachers, by the way!

    1. Hello, Sabrina! I did not get any referrals from this method. I can hope, at least, that my neighbors at least became aware of the presence of my studio!

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