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Just Added: Board Game “Adventures in Music”

Just added to the Printables page: a free piano-bench-sized board game for music students, called “Adventures in Music”!


I am so thrilled to be offering this game on my website.  This is my first attempt at creating a music game for students, and I’m quite excited about the results.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Designed for 2-4 players Works well during the private lesson, played between teacher and student.  May also be played with a group of 3, 4, or maybe 5 students.
  • Designed for Level 1 music students (equivalent to Level 1 in most method books).

Concepts covered:

  • Identifying intervals unison through 5th.
  • Identifying note values and rest values (e.g., quarter note).
  • Identifying notes on the staff (within Middle C position), including sharps and flats.
  • Identifying various music symbols (dynamics, articulations, etc.).

Materials needed:

  • 1 or 2 dice – depending upon how quickly you’d like the game to progress.
  • Several pawns or place markers – colored glass baubles from the dollar store work well.
  • Instructions for play are located on the game board.

Printing instructions:

  • I would advise printing on cardstock paper, and perhaps even laminating both the board and the playing cards.
  • Page 1 should be printed normally.  This is the game board.
  • Page 4 must be printed onto the backside of Page 2.  This page contains the first category of cards.
  • Page 5 must be printed onto the backside of Page 3.  This page contains the second category of cards.
  • Cut apart the playing cards.

***A special THANK YOU goes to Lilly at, for allowing me to use her colorful music illustrations on the cards and game board.  Please check out her website to see more of her beautiful artwork.***

To download this free music game, visit the Printables > Games page and scroll down to the B’s for “Board Game: Adventures in Music.”  Enjoy!

  Board Game: Adventures In Music (764.2 KiB, 48,397 hits)

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14 thoughts on “Just Added: Board Game “Adventures in Music””

  1. Hello Joy
    I absolutely love your ideas with your games, your DIY music staff etc.

    Great job with everything that you have done.

    May I copy some of your ideas- e.g, games and your DIY music staff?


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