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Picture 7I recently discovered Rachel Rambach’s site:  Rachel is a board-certified music therapist, which means, she’s also a performer, educator, and composer, all wrapped into one.  Through her blog, she shares the music she composes for other music educators to incorporate in their own music lessons.

Recently, she’s been raising money for a cd project: to record and produce a cd of her original compositions to give to children with autism or other disabilities at no cost.  She has reached her $2000 goal, however, each dollar she raises could = another cd that can be given to children!  Be sure to check out her blog and her project by clicking here.

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1 thought on “Check out”

  1. Hello! Thanks so much for the mention and for spreading the word about my CD project 🙂 I really appreciate the support! Also, I’m glad I found your website – it looks like a great resource and I will be bookmarking it. Thanks again!


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