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Just Added! Flashcards: Melodic Patterns 1 & 2

Just added to the Printables > Other Resources page:

  • Flashcards: Melodic Patterns 1 & 2

These flashcards (pictured at right) are my absolute favorite.  They have a variety of uses, mainly for beginner piano students:

  1. For beginner students who understand quarter and half note rhythms: Ask the student to simply clap the rhythm they see.
  2. For beginner students who are learning to read pre-staff notation: Ask the student to play on the piano the pattern of notes they see on the flashcard.  You will need to show the beginner which note to start on, and which finger they should use.  (e.g., “Play this pattern, beginning on E with finger 3.” )  This activity helps beginners build the ability to read whether melodic steps are moving upwards or downwards.
  3. For students who are familiar with major 5-finger patterns: Ask the student to play on the piano the pattern of notes they see on the flashcard, but specify a particular key you’d like them to play in.  You may need to tell them what their first note will be.  (e.g., “Play this pattern in the key of A Major.  Your first note will be C#.” )   Then ask them to transpose the pattern to a number of other keys.  (e.g., “Now try playing the same pattern in the key of D minor.” )

Let us know if you find other creative ways to use the Melodic Patterns flashcards!   =]

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3 thoughts on “Just Added! Flashcards: Melodic Patterns 1 & 2”

  1. I’m a cello teacher & have adapted many of your resources for my students. I’ve used your ideas for camps, group classes & games regularly. My students absolutely love them–especially “Swat-A-Note” and “Bang!”

    I used the Melodic Patterns for a student that is dyslexic & has been struggling with sight-reading. She immediately got it! It was such a joy to see her face light up, and her confidence build as she approached her sight-reading in a completely new way. Thank you for sharing these wonderful resources!

    1. That’s wonderful to hear, Marla! I’m working on a new project that improves upon these Melodic Pattern cards. I hope you’ll stay tuned to the blog to see if it might be something useful for your students!

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