Link: Pno-Ped-L Studio Policy Website

Yesterday, I came across this great resource for reading other teachers’ Studio Policies!  It’s called the Pno-Ped-L Studio Policy Website.  The website is not fancy, but there’s a lot of good information there.  

This site has a collection of Studio Policies submitted by teachers all across America and Canada.  (Names, tuition rates, and locations have been omitted for privacy.)  What a great way to see how other teachers handle absences, payment, cancellations, etc!  To see my other posts concerning Studio Policies, see here and here.  

In other areas of the site, they have examples of parents letters, game and camp ideas, and other teaching ideas.  Check it out!

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2 thoughts on “Link: Pno-Ped-L Studio Policy Website”

  1. Hi Joy. Just letting you know the above is a dead URL. I did a search and it looks like this page is still active, however old content. Feel free to delete my comment if you decided to update the URL. Cheers Andrew

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