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Swat-A-Rhythm Game (With Variations)

At last Saturday’s Piano Party with my students, we played a fun game that I call the Swat-A-Rhythm game.  I have seen many variations of this game on various forums and websites, so I am not sure who to credit with the original idea.  In any case, I will describe the way I played this […]

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Listening Sheet for Young Students

As I mentioned last week, during my recent Piano Party/recital rehearsal I gave a listening sheet to my young beginners to complete as they listened to their fellow students perform.  Here’s what it looked like: I put each sheet in a plastic sheet protector and gave them a dry erase marker with a piece of […]

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Rhythm Value Cards for Dictation and More

Here they are…the rhythm value cards I mentioned in my post yesterday!

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Just Added: The Rhythm Magnet Game

Here’s a fun movement/rhythm game to play with a group of students which I learned from a Dalcroze Eurhythmics instructor.  I call it the “Rhythm Magnet Game.” The great thing about this game is that it helps students learn to associate the sound/experience of each rhythm value with it’s corresponding notation.  In Dalcroze and other methodologies (such […]

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Introducing Students to New Pieces

The first look at a new piece is crucial.  As accomplished pianists/teachers, we automatically know to scan the piece to check the time signature, key signature, texture, composer, title, etc. before playing through a piece.  Of course, we were trained to go through those steps before sightreading through a piece. Before having students sightread, what do […]

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Just Added: “Listen & Sign” Game Printable

Just added to the Printables page: “The Listen & Sign Game.” This printable corresponds to the game originally described in this post – a game I used in a Piano Mini-Camp held about a month ago. 

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Music Theory at our Piano Mini-Camp (3/3)

In continuation of a description of the music theory activities at our Piano Mini-Camp a few weeks ago, here are more details concerning the activities we used: Rhythm Dictation Game This rhythm dictation game by Natalie was a real hit with the students!  I printed off two sets of cards and put the students into […]

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Value of Teaching to Play By Ear

A couple weeks ago, I posted a list of melodies that work well assign piano students to take home and learn to play by ear.  Over at, Wendy Stevens talks about the value of teaching students to play by ear during a lecture she gave, Composition for Kids: Time-Saving Ways to Teach Composition in your Studio. […]

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Playing-By-Ear Activities

Learning to play by ear is one of the most natural ways to develop the ear – and one of the most fun!  Below are some lists of familiar tunes you can assign at the lesson for the student to learn to play by ear.  I found this valuable information about playing-by-ear activities to assign […]

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Here’s a link for you……   This interactive site offers music theory tutorials, ear trainers, and other misc resources in a clear, helpful manner.  I found this site extremely helpful when I was taking 4 semesters of Aural Comprehension during my Freshman and Sophomore years.  I’d recommend it to anyone wishing to increase their ear […]

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