Happy Valentine’s Day!

A few piano teachers have sent me photos of their piano valentines.  It is so fun to see the creative variations that each teacher came up with!

Photo from Leia Sharma:

Piano Valentine - Leia Sharma

Photo from Barrymond.  She says: “I cut and pasted a top flight poster board on a paper to provide a firm base. Then I used black and pink sharpie to make it a bit colorful. I had a lot of fun making it!”

Piano Valentine - Berrymond

Photo from Tracy Capps Selle:

Piano Valentine - Tracy Capps Selle

Photo from Susanne Gavel.  It looks like she printed on both pink and red paper.

Piano Valentine - Susanne Gravel

Photo from Jennifer Lorys.  She gave chocolate to the kids and wine to the adult students!

Piano Valentine - Jennifer Lorys

Happy Valentine’s Day, all!