NCKP 2011 | (11) Publisher Showcases

Each morning and afternoon at the NCKP, there are publisher showcases to choose from where you can learn about method books or supplementary materials.  Often, you will receive free books at these showcases, as you’ve already seen in my first NCKP post showing off my “loot!”

Below is more about four of the showcases I attended:

1. FJH Music Publishing Company: Succeeding at the Piano — a Method for Everyone!, by Helen Marlais.

Dr. Marlais is a professor at Grand Valley State University, a college near my hometown.  In fact, I auditioned to be a music major at GVSU after I completed my first two years at Grand Rapids Community College (but decided to go to Hope College instead)!  🙂  The two colleagues who accompanied me to the NCKP have had Dr. Marlais as their teachers at GVSU.  Small world.

Dr. Marlais has such a vibrant personality.  In this session, she led us through levels 2A and 2B of her new method called “Succeeding at the Piano.”  I just love the illustrations used in this method.  I also really like the “composer friends” characters who learn with the student throughout the books.  Continue reading “NCKP 2011 | (11) Publisher Showcases”