Color Printer Suggestions

wf645_fca-cos-cn_690x460I received an email from a reader over the weekend, asking if I had any suggestions for a color printer.  I bought a new printer about a year ago, so I told her all about that.

I bought an Epson WorkForce 645 about a year ago.  I chose the Epson brand based on the reviews I read on Amazon and elsewhere.  I looked at the technical specs of Epson’s whole line of printers, and ended up choosing the Workforce 645 because it was cheapest printer in their line-up that was designed to be able to print on cardstock (which I like to use when printing flashcards, games, etc.) and can automatically print double-sided (I get confused when I try to do it manually!)  It also has a built-in scanner, which I have found to be very convenient.

I’ve been pretty happy with my printer overall — I’d give it a 4 stars out of 5.  Sometimes, the printer claims there is a paper jam for no reason when it is trying to print double-sided.  And sometimes, when printing a full page of color, there are some patchy, un-even areas.  But overall, it has performed pretty well for me.  The ink is a little pricey IMO, but it is probably no worse than any other brand’s ink.

Do you have a color printer to recommend (or not recommend)?  Please share about it in the comments!