Best wishes for 2021!

The new year is nearly here, my friends! Sending love and all best wishes for 2021.


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4 thoughts on “Best wishes for 2021!”

  1. Thank you Joy for the holiday gift suggestions. I especially liked the clef hand gloves and the ornament filled with confetti and music strips…it might be fun to put music in the ball that the student is currently playing…wishing you a wonderous 2021.

    1. Vernona, that’s a great idea to put sheet music the student is currently working on inside the ornament! I think students would be delighted. Thank you for the new year wishes!

  2. Thank you, Joy. for providing so much inspiration and helpful hints during this extraordinary teaching year! I first found you doing a panic search for help transitioning to online lessons back in March. Back then, I was terrified at the thought of teaching online. But I knew it was in my and my students’ best interests for me to swallow my fear and embrace the new adventure of technology. Thanks to you the online lessons are still going great and my students’ families are very impressed that this “vintage” teacher is having so much fun with the very technology I once had feared. Thank you!!

    1. Annie, thank you so much for your comment! It makes me happy to know my blog helped you in that way during this unusual year. Good for you for embracing the challenge and moving online with your students! I’m happy to hear it’s all still going great!

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