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Fall 2016 Online Course – Piano Teacher Institute


Just sending out a quick email today to announce that registration for the upcoming Fall 2016 session of my Piano Pedagogy 101 online course will be available this Friday (July 29) at 9am Eastern time.

Are you wondering if this online course is right for you?

“Joy Morin’s pedagogy course is an excellent learning tool for new piano teachers or teachers wanting to refresh their pedagogy knowledge.”

–piano teacher in Canada

Here is our calendar for the upcoming session.

  • Week 1: August 29-September 4
  • Week 2: September 5-11
  • Week 3: September 12-18
  • Week 4: September 19-25
  • Week 5: September 26-October 2
  • Week 6: October 3-9

Each week, we will address a different topic.

  1. Business Sense — Organizing your business records, marketing your studio, and making a plan for reaching your desired income. (Note: Some of the tax and business details are specific to business owners who are in the United States; however, most of the information is applicable to piano teachers of any location.)
  2. On Teaching and Learning – Using teaching strategies that are research-based and time-tested to maximize student learning.
  3. Conducting the Piano Lesson — Planning, leading, and using the lesson time in a way that is most conducive to student success.
  4. All About Piano Methods – Understanding the purpose, benefits, and limitations of the piano method books available today.
  5. Piano Technique for Beginners — Nurturing students who play the piano healthily, efficiently, and – most importantly – expressively.
  6. The Student’s Repertoire — Planning and choosing student repertoire that is level-appropriate, well-varied, and motivating.

The ideal registrant is an individual with the time and energy to spend at least 10-15 hours each week reading and studying the weekly topics.

The coursework is completed mostly at your own pace from home. Each Friday, a group videochat session is scheduled where we can meet at the same time to talk and interact.

Detailed personal feedback is provided for all assignments you submit. However, all of the assignments are optional, allowing you to decide how your time is most valuably spent.

Read more about the course here.

Registration for the upcoming session will appear promptly at 9am Eastern time this Friday (July 29) on the registration page at institute.joymorin.com. Registration will automatically close after the first 10 teachers submit payment through PayPal. Registration is expected to fill quickly, so be sure to mark your calendar.

Thanks for reading. I hope to see you in a future session!

“Joy Morin’s PTI course is one I would highly recommend for any piano teacher. This course exceeded my expectations and in my opinion, was worth every penny. I’ve been teaching piano lessons full-time for a year and this course has provided me with so much knowledge and resources. The first week’s course, Business Sense, was extremely helpful in ensuring I had all of the proper bookkeeping, licensing, and insurance requirements pertaining to South Carolina. I also appreciated our weekly Google Hangout chats, in which the class was able to connect and exchange ideas, issues and concerns where it pertained to our personal piano studios. Thank you, Joy Morin, for all of the resources and knowledge you have provided! It was well worth the investment.”
-Tonia Stoney, piano teacher in South Carolina

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5 thoughts on “Fall 2016 Online Course – Piano Teacher Institute”

  1. Hi Joy,

    Your course sounds very interesting and would be probably looking at taking it in the future but I was just wondering if you have to participate in the Friday video chats. That part would not work for me as I work during the day.


    1. Great question, Karen. There are no aspects of the course that are required. I typically schedule the Friday video chats from noon-1pm Eastern time each week, but there have been times where I have rescheduled it to another day/time to accommodate participants in certain time zones or with certain work schedules. In any case, the video chat sessions are always recorded — so, at the very least, participants can always watch the video afterwards.

      Thanks for your interest, Karen!

    1. Leonora, thanks for you interest. Yes, I hold this course three times each year. There will be a Winter Session starting at the beginning of January. I encourage you to sign up for my email list at http://institute.joymorin.com to be notified about the registration details. I hope you see you in a future session!

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