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Introducing…The Color In My Piano Shop!


I have a big announcement today: I have just added a “Shop” page to, where I have listed a few items for sale!  Don’t worry…I’ll always share lots of freebies too, but I have some bigger projects that I’d like to make available in the shop.  🙂  Right now, I’ve got two items listed:

Rhythm Cards – Level 1.  These cards have simple two- or three- measure rhythm examples on them, perfect for using with beginner students.

Rhythm Flipbooks – an easy version and an original version with sixteenth note rhythms and triplets.  The Rhythm Flipbook allows you and your students to create a variety of your own rhythms, without the mess of individual rhythm value cards.  The time signatures included are 4/4, 3/4, and 6/8.  This is perfect for teachers on-the-go!

CLICK HERE to check out the new Shop page!

Stay tuned for new items in the shop soon!

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3 thoughts on “Introducing…The Color In My Piano Shop!”

  1. I LOVE the flipbook idea, too!!! What fun – and all in one little book!!! WOW! Eager to see more!

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