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So, You Want To Be A Composer? Summer Camp 2012

Here is what I’m up to this week!  🙂


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9 thoughts on “So, You Want To Be A Composer? Summer Camp 2012”

      1. I was brainstorming before I went to sleep – can’t wait to do this camp! The students are super psyched, and so am I 🙂 Not sure if you saw, but I posted lots of pictures from my first summer camp on my studio facebook page. Hoping to do the same for this one.

  1. I cannot wait to see what all you do! Of all of the camp ideas I’ve seen I think this would be the most interesting to my kids. They LOVE composing and finding new ways to make music!

  2. Please tell us more …. It’s just sometimes too scary to think of. The one harmony class I started was so difficult – I don’t even know where to start. Thanks for your encouragement to begin, though!

    1. I thought composition was scary for a while too, but now I love it and have students composing all the time! 🙂 I’ll try to share more about teaching composition soon.

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