A Piano Valentine Variation…

Susan Johannessen shared this cute variation of the Piano Valentine idea I shared on Monday on the ColorInMyPiano facebook page

Love this!!

If you have photos of the valentines you’d made, please send them to me at admin[AT]  I would love see your creativity!

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5 thoughts on “A Piano Valentine Variation…”

  1. Hi I stay in South Africa. I came across your printables. Can’t wait to use it.

    Where can I get printables for recorder lessons?

    Thanx indeed.

  2. Hi! I teach piano and trying to print the sweetheart grand pianos and can’t get them to print. any suggestions? I’ve tried it over and over and over and still can’t get it to work. Thought it was my printer but then printed something else… it’s not my printer.
    Paula Reed

    1. Paula, try downloading the PDF all the way to your computer before printing. Meaning, see if you can view the PDF in Adobe rather than printing from within your internet browser.

      If that isn’t the issue, I guess I would need more info about the problem in order to offer other troubleshooting suggestions!

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