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Recital Roses and an Update on Life

Today I wanted to share a photo from my university’s Community Music School recital a few weeks ago!  This is one of my wonderful students who I unfortunately must leave behind now that we are moving.  🙁  I will miss all my students!

My fellow teachers and I bought roses to give out to all the students who performed that evening.  It was so fun to watch the students faces as they each received their rose and gave it a big sniff.  They felt like real performers!

In other news, my husband and I finally have living arrangements in Ohio!  We will be renting a cute little three-bedroom house.  It will be so exciting to set up my piano studio……but first we have to deal with the great fun of packing and moving.  We will be staying with family for a few weeks until the landlords finish a few last-minute projects inside the house.  By the middle of June, we hope to be totally moved into the new place.

Meanwhile, I have a feeling that my blog posts may become few and far between over the next few weeks.  Bear with me!  I’ll be back eventually with plenty to share, I’m sure.  🙂

Stay tuned — I’ll be announcing the winner of the Fearless Fortissimo giveaway momentarily…


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6 thoughts on “Recital Roses and an Update on Life”

  1. So glad you’re going to keep up with your teaching studio and your blog. You do good work here, and you help a lot of us private teachers immensely. God bless you on your move! Also, the pic is adorable!

  2. Good luck with the move! Can I ask how you are planning on building your student roster again once you get settled in your new place?

    1. Thanks, Dave! Take a look at this blog post to see how I plan to gain students…in addition, I am joining my local music teachers associations, which not only often have referral programs, but also often have friendly teachers who are willing to send students your way when their waiting list is full! 🙂

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