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Studio Marketing: Advertising on the Internet

Hello, all!

Over the weekend, I started packing up my sheet music library into boxes since we’re going to be moving in a month or two.  All I can say is, I need to downsize!!  I have a lot of used music that people have given me over the past few years.  It makes for a great lending library, but it sure takes up a lot of room!  As backwards as it seems, I’m going to save going through my music until after we move.  =)

I’ve also begun looking into advertising piano lessons, since I will definitely need to do some of that in order to find new students.  I’ve found a number of free ways to advertise online, and have compiled a list of links below.  The first step to online advertising is definitely to create a website for your piano studio.  If you haven’t already, I would recommend checking out the user friendly  If you have a studio website already, then you are ready to try out the links below!

Create a Google Places page

I recently discovered that local businesses can create their own Google Places page for completely free.  Click here for a very nice example of a Google Places page.  You can click here to get started listing your own studio business.

Free Teacher Directories

I don’t know about you, but I only use the teacher directories that are free.  I don’t know which ones are worth paying for, so I play it safe and stick with the free ones!  I suppose the chances of a student coming across some of these sites is somewhat slim, but when it’s free it’s worth a shot.  Here are the ones I found: 

  • Piano Teachers Directory | Provides a basic listing that allows you to put your name and phone number.  If you pay a fee, you can upgrade to put your email and website link too.
  • The Lesson Room | Allows for a photo and brief description.  I’m not sure how often this site is used by parents/students, but hey, it’s free!
  • Music Lesson Teachers | Free listing but you must place a small link to their site on your studio website.  A colleague of mine recently gained a student through her listing on this site.  Allows for a photo and description.
  • Music Peeps | Allows you to create your own website profile page.  Allows for photos, videos, and audio.
  • Piano Teacher Federation | To me, this isn’t the most user-friendly site to use.  I am still having trouble editing my profile.  Regardless, it is a nice looking website for a listing.
  • Lesson Maestro | They offer a basic listing for free.  I was recently contacting by a student through this site, although I sadly I couldn’t accept her since I am moving soon.  :\
  • Faber Piano Adventures Directory | If you are a teacher who uses the Faber Piano Adventures method, you are welcome to sign up for a free piano teacher listing on their website.
  • | Become a “betterist” by joining this site and listing your piano studio.  The one downfall of this site is that you must list your tuition rate by 30 minutes session.  This caveat alone is enough for me not use it, because I charge a yearly rate that is paid by month.  But for those of you who do charge by 30 or 60 minute sessions, this is a great free option.
  • | I was very impressed with this website when I stumbled upon it!  Although it is not specifically a music website, it works well for music studio listings.  The website profiles are very attractive and the site allows you to automatically post to Craigslist or download a pdf flyer based on your listing.
  • | Another nice site where you can create a listing for free.  Although the site is not specifically for music lessons, it works well and the profiles are very attractive.
  • | Another free listing for private music teachers. Allows for photos and videos.

As a side note, if you are looking for students, be sure to try posting an ad for piano lessons on Craigslist in your area.

Quick Tips for Ads/Profiles

  • Describe what is unique about your studio and you as a teacher, rather than stating something vague like that you can teach anybody regardless all age or level.  Keep descriptions accurate and concise.
  • Be sure to put up photos whenever possible, even if it is just a picture you’ve taken of piano keys.  Same with videos – if allowed, put up samples of your playing or a student’s playing.
  • Always encourage viewers to visit your website, where you can list more specific information about how your studio is run and you can put more photos & videos.

Hope this helps if you are also looking for ways to advertise for students!  If you know of any additional free directories — or of paid ones that really work — please share in the comments.

Photo Credit: Rob Pearce | CC 2.0

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3 thoughts on “Studio Marketing: Advertising on the Internet”

  1. Yes, I definitely believe advertising online and having a website is a way to go. When I started to teach full time 3 years ago, I started to advertise in craigslist and gotten 18 students during the course of that one summer. I spent $600 on local paper without much success….

    Good luck to you 🙂

    1. Thanks, Susan! I found that having an online presence has helped me gain college-aged adult students in particular. Nowadays, the first place young adults go to find answers is Google! Especially if a teacher is living in a college town, it is smart to have a website and to take advantage of free music teacher listings online.

      I visited your studio website – I love all the info and photos you have! Very nice!!

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