My Current Repertoire Choices…

Since the end of the semester is near, my piano professor and I are thinking ahead to repertoire for next semester.  I really enjoyed learning a few movements from Prokofiev’s Visions Fugitives this semester, and was thinking it would be great to learn some more 20th century music!

I found this lovely gem by Poulenc (Novellette No. 1 in CM):  

I also love this pairing of Kabalevsky Preludes (Op. 38, No. 8 and 16):

I also would love to learn a couple of the Barber Excursions Op. 20:

I can’t decide!  They are all such beautiful pieces.  Any votes?

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3 thoughts on “My Current Repertoire Choices…”

  1. Well, I played Excursions I, II, IV for my undergrad senior recital in 2003 and I just love them. They are so Americana and fun to play. The third one is absolutely beautiful but is difficult. I only had to do a 30 min. recital so I couldn’t play all of them but I would love to learn it one day. I would pick the Poulenc second but they are all great choices! Good luck!

  2. Just stumbled onto your site – wonderful to see the focus you place on improv.
    Don’t see any reference to my improv books that are part of the Alfred Jazz series.
    I teach the improv classes at columiba Univ. and have a performance group, SPIRIT, that performs repertoire from all styles and genre , and we include improv within those performances. Also, check out our web site for the Improv Camp that I Founded 7 years ago.

    Where are you located ? Publications? etc.

  3. Thank you! I had very little training in improv growing up (I’m a classically trained pianist), and that is one reason why I am so interested in it. I am gradually working on integrating improvisation into my private piano teaching, mostly pentatonic improv so far. I am not familiar with your books, but they look quite interesting! I will have to try them out sometime with a student. I am particularly interested in classical improvisation — do you recommend any of your books in particular for this?

    I’m a masters student at Central Michigan University. No publications as yet — although I recently created a poster about my recent research on improv for a poster session at the Michigan Music Conference…..thus all the posts about improv on my blog lately.

    I checked out links to the improv group and music camp you mentioned — very fascinating! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    .-= joy (admin)´s last blog ..Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom =-.

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