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A Comparison of 5 different Piano Methods

Picture 5I found a very interesting chart at today, comparing what are probably the top 5 most popular piano methods:

  • Alfred’s Basic Library
  • Bastien Piano Basics
  • The Music Tree
  • Piano Adventures
  • Hal Leonard Student Piano Library

Although this chart is probably somewhat outdated (for example, Alfred has recently introducted their new Premier series), there is still valuable information to be found.  The chart compares the reading approach, rhythm/counting approach, Technique sequence, format/layout, and more.  And the chart is available for download in both pdf and Microsoft Word document form. 

Also available at

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2 thoughts on “A Comparison of 5 different Piano Methods”

  1. first of all, the differences in these methods are like looking at the difference in different types of chickens. If you want to illuminate difference, try adding in a meethod that is truly different – compare all of the these methods with Musikgarten’s Music Makers: at the the Keyboard. This program is a totally new way ot teaching children piano. Go check it out.

  2. @Ellen

    I visited the Musikgarten’s website, and it looks very interesting, although I was unable to find much information about how/what Musikgarten teachers teach, exactly. It’s fascinating to consider all the different ways to teach music to others, isn’t it? My opinion is that there is no perfect way — but the teacher is much better equipped when s/he is familiar with a number of different ways, so h/she has the ability to tailor the music lessons to suit each particular student. Thanks for your comment.

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