Top 10 Issues for Music Teachers in 2009

I just finished reading the August/September 2009 issue of American Music Teacher.  Perhaps you’ve already read it too, if you’re a member of MTNA. 

I was struck by an article written by Lezlee Bishop, 2009 Top Issues Project (pg. 27).  Her article presents the results of a survey run from February 1 through April 30, 2009, with participation from 46 states and 1,118 teachers.  According to the article, “Teachers were asked to choose five of the items on the list that were most important to them.”  The top results:

  1. Teaching students who are over scheduled in today’s society: 768 votes
  2. Making a living at teaching, and setting fees accordingly: 533 votes
  3. Positive communication with parents and students: 503 votes
  4. Being connected to other teachers: 502 votes
  5. Developing and following through on studio policies: 377 votes
  6. Respect in the community for what I know and what I do: 357 votes
  7. Continue my own instrumental study: 306 votes
  8. Marketing myself as a music teacher: 294 votes
  9. Taxes, records and deductible expenses: 276 votes
  10. Continuing Education/Being an advocate for the arts in my community: 267 votes

Fastinating, eh?  I was intrigued to see what other teachers are being challenged by today.  How many of you were surprised by the #1 answer?  Not me. 

Which of these issues have you experienced?

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