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2013 OhioMTA Conference (1) – Improvising Is For Everyone, by Bradley Sowash

Improvising Is For Everyone, by Bradley Sowash Last weekend, I attended the 2013 conference of the Ohio Music Teachers Association.  This year, it was held in Cincinnati at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.  I carpooled with three other teachers from my area.  We had a lot of fun! The first session was held […]

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OhioMTA Conference 2013 – This Weekend

Hello readers, This weekend is the OhioMTA (affiliated with MTNA) State Conference, taking place in Cincinnati this year.  I am looking forward to connecting and re-connecting with other piano teachers in Ohio and, of course, learning a lot from the sessions on the schedule.  If you will be at the conference and I haven’t met you […]

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Freebie: Technical Requirements Charts for RCM/MDP Practical Exams

Today, I’m sharing a project that I have been working on extensively for the past three weeks.  I am very excited to have this project complete and be able to share it with you! For the last two years, I have entered a couple of students in the Royal Conservatory’s Music Development Program (previously known […]

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Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom

“A creative artist works on his next composition because he was not satisfied with his previous one.” — Dmitri Shostakovich Every Wednesday brings Words of Wisdom here at the Color in my Piano blog in the form of a musical quote or joke, intended to bring inspiration or humor to the middle of your week. […]

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Review: Rhythm Lab app

Rhythm Lab app — $2.99  *for iPad only* Rhythm Lab is an app created by Jon Ensminger (a piano teacher in Michigan) that is designed to help students improve their sense of rhythm.  The app provides a series of graded rhythm examples for students to tap using the large, on-screen buttons.  The app even evaluates […]

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Large Keyboard printable

At last Saturday’s Piano Party, I wanted to play the Spell-A-Keyboard game with my students as a team game, but indoors.  Since I couldn’t draw keyboards with chalk as I did when we played the game outdoors, I realized that I needed to come up with some other way to provide a floor keyboard for […]

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Review: The Music of Jon George

Having lived in my town for just over 2 years now, my studio is comprised mostly of beginner and elementary level students.  A few months ago, I felt that a handful of my beginners were ready for some early elementary level supplemental books — things that would get them moving around the keyboard more and […]

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Studio Artwork Notebook update

Remember back in April when I visited Jody and her Piano Cottage?  In her waiting room area, she had a blank notebook lying around for students to draw artwork. After being inspired by Jody, I ordered a blank, hardcover notebook from Amazon for my own waiting room area. It has been a few months now, and I […]

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September 2013 Piano Party

Last week was a busy week and I didn’t manage to get a single blog post posted!  Hope you missed me — I’m back!  ;) On Saturday, I held a kick-off Pizza Piano Party with my students who are under age 14.  My goal with this get-together was for students to get to know each […]

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