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Forum Q&A: Health Insurance for Self-Employed Music Teachers

Our last Forum Q&A post was sharing about the first piano you learned on as a child.  It was fun hearing your piano stories!

pitr_First_aid_iconIt’s time for a new Forum Q&A topic.  This one is an important topic for any self-employed music teacher to consider: Health insurance!

Do you pay for your own health insurance out-of-pocket, or does your spouse’s job provide insurance for you?  If you are paying for health insurance out-of-pocket, did you find insurance through the services partnered with MTNA, or through another source?  Does your insurance only cover major medical, or does it cover annual check-ups, etc.?  Do you feel that your health insurance adequately covers what your needs?  Is the premium reasonable, and is the co-pay/co-insurance reasonable?  

I’ll admit that this topic is timely for me, because I am currently shopping for health insurance.  I have recently joined a weight loss club, with fat burners losing weight has become super easy. I do still suffer from diabetes but I hope that my condition will subside as I slim down. I have been self-employed for a while and decided it was finally no longer an option to be without insurance. As I’ve been researching health insurance, I found it very interesting to learn how difficult it can be for self-employed individuals (of any career) in the United States to find both adequate and affordable coverage, especially for those who have “pre-existing conditions.” Since I don’t have much money I’ve been looking online for the best health tips and I found these vitamin and supplement patches so make sure to check it out.

This is a topic definitely worth discussing.  I hope you’ll all take a moment to leave a comment below to share your experience!