Replay Video: A Walk-Through of Keys at Play, Book 1

Hello teachers,

Yesterday, I hosted a Zoom walk-through session of my new book, Keys at Play, Book 1. I enjoyed being able to share my work, and appreciated the positive feedback I received afterwards! 

In case you missed it, I did record the session and am passing along the replay video link for you to watch at your leisure.  

As stated during the session, I hope this walk-through feels like someone sitting beside you and talking through the book with you. I hope this helps you decide whether my book will be useful to you and worthwhile to integrate into your teaching – as it has been for me and my students. 

Enjoy the walk-through, and thanks so much for your interest in my work! 

PS: I have ideas for another Zoom session with a different focus I’d like to offer in the next month or two. Stay tuned for details by joining this separate Keys at Play email list.

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4 thoughts on “Replay Video: A Walk-Through of Keys at Play, Book 1”

  1. Hi Joy, what an interesting zoom conference, and so sorry I wasn’t able to participate !! your book seems really interesting and in a new way I’ve never seen before. So I will take time to listen again and try to understand very precisely your ” way” about double and triple meter because I’ve never proposed that to my students so quickly in their beginning journey with the piano; and maybe see how I should use your book with my students. As my English is so basic, replay the video quietly and stop when I don’t immediately understand something bring me more informations than during a “live-zoom”….
    ( and a quick news, as I didn’t write you from a long time now:For the moment, I learn how to use Irina Gorin’s method the best as possible and my little students love so much this method, I’m very happy as I was searching something like that from a long time). Best regards, Martine ( from Switzerland)

    1. Martine, I am also using Tales (Irina Gorin), and have background in Edwin Gordon rhythm language . I am going to use Joy’s books, Keys at Play along with the Tales 2 book. I think it will help greatly with reading and feeling the pulse in music. I prefer the language to counting (but will use both) . Understanding Duple and triple meter will make a difference . Enjoy this exciting journey.

  2. After watching the replay video of Keys at Play walkthrough, I ordered a copy and I’ve been using it in my lessons, specifically with those students who are rhythmically very challenged. After using it consistently for a few sessions, I started seeing real changes, how things are starting to really stick for them. I find that just using “ba” as the only syllable for rhythm (and don’t worry about counting or using kodaly syllables) have been really helpful because they can focus on the FEEL of the rhythmic phrases. And what a great idea to get rid of time signature all together at this level of music learning — because it often confuses students more than clarify things for them. I plan to use this more broadly going forward. Thank you, Joy Morin, for creating this wonderful resource.

    1. Kristina, this is so wonderful to hear! I’m happy you are seeing benefits with your students, especially with those who need extra help with rhythm. Thanks so much for the letting me know how it’s going so far!

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