Replay Video: A Walk-Through of Keys at Play, Book 1

Hello teachers,

Yesterday, I hosted a Zoom walk-through session of my new book, Keys at Play, Book 1. I enjoyed being able to share my work, and appreciated the positive feedback I received afterwards! 

In case you missed it, I did record the session and am passing along the replay video link for you to watch at your leisure.  

As stated during the session, I hope this walk-through feels like someone sitting beside you and talking through the book with you. I hope this helps you decide whether my book will be useful to you and worthwhile to integrate into your teaching – as it has been for me and my students. 

Enjoy the walk-through, and thanks so much for your interest in my work! 

PS: I have ideas for another Zoom session with a different focus I’d like to offer in the next month or two. Stay tuned for details by joining this separate Keys at Play email list.

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2 thoughts on “Replay Video: A Walk-Through of Keys at Play, Book 1”

  1. Hi Joy, what an interesting zoom conference, and so sorry I wasn’t able to participate !! your book seems really interesting and in a new way I’ve never seen before. So I will take time to listen again and try to understand very precisely your ” way” about double and triple meter because I’ve never proposed that to my students so quickly in their beginning journey with the piano; and maybe see how I should use your book with my students. As my English is so basic, replay the video quietly and stop when I don’t immediately understand something bring me more informations than during a “live-zoom”….
    ( and a quick news, as I didn’t write you from a long time now:For the moment, I learn how to use Irina Gorin’s method the best as possible and my little students love so much this method, I’m very happy as I was searching something like that from a long time). Best regards, Martine ( from Switzerland)

    1. Martine, I am also using Tales (Irina Gorin), and have background in Edwin Gordon rhythm language . I am going to use Joy’s books, Keys at Play along with the Tales 2 book. I think it will help greatly with reading and feeling the pulse in music. I prefer the language to counting (but will use both) . Understanding Duple and triple meter will make a difference . Enjoy this exciting journey.

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