12 Podcasts for Piano Teachers in 2021

Do you listen to podcasts? I enjoy listening to podcasts as well as audiobooks while driving, exercising, getting ready in the morning, or getting things done around the house. It’s like listening to the radio, except you have more control over exactly what you’re listening to!

There’s been a number of new podcasts for piano teachers popping up recently, which is exciting to see. In this blog post, I’ll share a list of some of the best podcasts, both new and not, for piano teachers.


Beyond Measure with Christina Whitlock is a new podcast offering shout-outs of solidarity pertaining to independent music studio life. Christina, self-proclaimed as our “Anytime Piano Teacher Friend” (and also my friend in real life), is a great storyteller and has great tips and experience to share. Subscribe at Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts


Field Notes on Music Teaching & Learning with Ashley Danyew is a collection of creative ideas, practical strategies, and thoughtful observations from the field of music teaching and learning. Music educator Ashley Danyew dives into topics like how we learn, developing musicianship, time management, teaching sequence, planning tools and strategies, the art of teaching, practicing, and the creative process, and share personal stories from her own experiences and observations. You’ll find creative and pedagogically-sound teaching tips; fresh, new approaches you can use in your teaching; and insight into a few tried-and-true systems and creative processes designed to help you do you best work. A must listen! I’m really enjoying her podcast as well as her beautiful blog. Subscribe at Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts


Key Ideas with Leila Viss started up in August 2020. An outgrowth of her blog, Leila’s podcast is for piano teachers interested in innovation, self care, and thinking outside the box. The episodes, some of which are solo “flashbulb” episodes and others which are “spotlight” interviews with guests, are intended to keep you current and encouraged. Subscribe at Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts


Music Studio Startup with Andrea Miller is a podcast is about the business of teaching music. Learn how to brand, market, and grow your music studio. I admire Andrea’s skills as an interviewer and her willingness to share her perspective and skills in the field of entrepreneurship. Subscribe at Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts


Teach Suzuki is a podcast by veteran Suzuki violin teacher Paula E. Bird. Although I am not a Suzuki teacher, I admire aspects of the philosophy and have been enjoying learning from Paula’s expertise and wisdom about teaching, practicing, running a studio, and communicating with students and parents. Subscribe at Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts


Teach Music Online with Carly Walton is a new podcast about helping teachers use new technology, engaging teaching methods, and killer business tactics to build an online business that you love. Carly is a great interviewer and an encouraging, upbeat mentor. She runs a membership community dedicated to helping teachers teach online, which you can check out here. Subscribe at Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts


The Piano Parent Podcast is a unique podcast dedicated to helping parents get the most out of their child’s piano lessons. Host Sheila Davis, a Texas-based piano teacher, does a fantastic job covering topics such as: choosing a piano/keyboard, helping students practice, the parent-teacher relationship, preparing students for performances, and encouraging a love of music in the house. This longtime podcast features both solo episodes and interviews with other teachers. It’s a great podcast to both recommend to your students’ parents and listen to yourself! Subscribe at Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts


The TopCast is a podcast for music teachers from Tim Topham’s team featuring interviews with composers, teachers, bloggers, and presenters as they share their ideas about music teaching in the 21st century. There are some really good episodes to check out! Subscribe at Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts


Vibrant Music Teaching with Nicola Cantan offers practical tips, idea, and advice for private music teachers. And outgrowth of her blog and membership community, Nicola shares her tips and recommendations for helping teachers improve their business and teaching. Subscribe at Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts


Everyday Musicality is a music education podcast by Dr. Heather Nelson Shouldice that discusses Edwin E. Goron’s MLT (Music Learning Theory) and its applications to music teaching and learning. In these episodes, you’ll learn about the core tenants of MLT and also experience some helpful musicianship activities to build your audiation. Highly recommended, if you have even a slight interest in MLT or helping your student improve their ears/audiation skills! Subscribe at Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts


Keys to Music Learning is an MLT piano podcast by Krista Jadro and Hannah Mayo that is coming soon! The podcast will discuss common goals and challenges in the piano studio and offer research-based ideas and solutions to guide every one of your students to reach their full musical potential with audiation. Episodes to be released starting this month. I’m excited about this one! Subscribe at Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts


The Bulletproof Musician explores research-based “practice hacks” for beating anxiety, practicing more effectively, and playing up to your full abilities when it matters most. Host Noa Kageyama, performance psychologist and Juilliard alumnus/faculty, offers short episodes summarizing relevant research studies as well as longer-form guest interview episodes. Subscribe at Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts

That concludes my list of 12 podcasts for piano teachers in 2021, but now I’d like to share two bonus recommendations that are not music-related!


Akimbo is a podcast from marketing guru and thinker Seth Godin. I’ve been following Seth’s blog for ages and enjoy his thought-provoking insights into marketing, business, service, culture, and change. Subscribe at Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts

The Newsworthy is podcast featuring the day’s news in a short, friendly 10-minute episodes. Host Erica Mandy covers politics, tech, business, and entertainment highlights in a fair and upbeat manner. This podcast is part of my morning routine! Subscribe at Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts

Your turn: What did I miss? Do you have a favorite podcast to share? I would love to hear. Post it below in the comments!

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  1. I have not yet gotten I to the habit of listening to podcasts re. pedagogy. With this great list, I will try it out. Thanks so very much for this helpful resource!

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