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Review & Giveaway: Wendy Chan’s “Music Escapades Shoppe” Teaching Resources

Years ago, I remember meeting Wendy Chan and her Music Escapades Shoppe. Well, recently I reconnected with her and learned about the relaunch of her online shop! I was pleased to chat with Wendy again and check out her resources.

When we chatted, Wendy asked if I’d be interested in reviewing any of her teaching resources. I replied that I’d definitely be interested in her Grand Staff Magnetic Dry-Erase Board. She, in turn, sent me not only that, but three of her other teaching resources as well. How generous! Pictured below are the four items she sent.

In this blog post, I will share my personal thoughts and photos about each item. Please continue reading, and be sure to learn how to get a discount code and enter the giveaway at the end of this post.

1. Grand Staff Magnetic Dry-Erase Board

Wendy’s Grand Staff Magnetic Dry-Erase Board has been quite useful during my recent teaching, especially while teaching online right now due to Covid-19.

The board is well made and incredibly sturdy. It comes with a dry erase marker and a set of magnets with letters, accidentals, and colors.

There are many ways to use this board. You can show notes, chords, key signatures, and more on the staff or keyboard.

You can also draw notes and symbols using the dry erase marker. You can even draw on the back of the board. I LOVE how easily and cleanly the marker wipes off!

There are many ways to use this teaching resource. Wendy created quite a nice video demonstrating more examples of how it can be used.

I only TINY complaint is that I wish the magnets were slightly stronger. But they do work just fine, plus Wendy plans to make the magnets stronger for the next batch.

I am finding myself using this board quite a bit during my lessons right now! It’s an effective and useful visual for all ages of students.

2. Circle of Fifths Magnetic Spinner Board

This is Wendy’s Circle of Fifths Magnetic Spinner Board. As with the grand staff board, this is not only magnetic, but also a dry erase board. The magnets for each key can be popped out of the foam sheet and placed onto the board in their respective places on the circle of fifths. The major keys are in red, and the minor keys are in blue.

A magnetic spinner is also included, in case you’d like to randomly choose a key for a game or your student’s scale warmup that day!

Here’s another video from Wendy showing it works.

3. Rhythm Magnet Tiles

The Rhythm Magnet Tiles come in such a pretty box.

The tiles are sized in accordance with their note values, making it a useful visual tool for students. (For example, the half note tiles are twice the size of the quarter note tiles.) The colors are vibrant and fun.

I’m looking forward to giving this manipulative a try with my students in-person eventually!

4. Rhythm Flashcards

Wendy also offers a few different types of flashcards in her shop. Here are the Rhythm Flashcards. The cards can be used for rhythm dictation, composing rhythm patterns, etc.

Here’s another video from Wendy.

There are more teaching resources to explore in Wendy’s Music Escapades Shoppe! And she is running a special Back To School sale for my readers. If you’d like to order any items from her shoppe, use the promo code CIMP15 for 15% off all orders. Or, use CIMP20 for 20% off for orders of $75 or more. All orders above $49 will ship free within US and Canada. This sale ends September 30th, 2020. Be sure to visit Wendy’s shoppe here to see what’s available.

You can also follow Wendy on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with what’s new.


And now it’s time for the giveaway! Wendy has generously offered to give away any THREE products from the Music Escapades Shoppe! To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post before Sunday, August 30, 2020 at midnight (Eastern time), sharing either (1) a teaching tip or resource which has been a go-to for you recently, or (2) which resource you’d love to have from Wendy’s shoppe and why.

Three winners will be randomly chosen and notified by email the day following the giveaway. Good luck, and I look forward to reading your comments!

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159 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Wendy Chan’s “Music Escapades Shoppe” Teaching Resources”

  1. I’m not familiar with Wendy Chan’s products. They look fun and engaging for students. It makes me want them all so that I get to play with them, too! Hope I get to be one of the 3 winners.

  2. The grand staff magnetic white board is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! I think it would be particularly helpful with teaching young students online. I have been finding puppets helpful for online lessons

  3. I went to Wendy’s site and love her products, especially the concept of magnetic boards. I used dry erase boards for staff, note name, and rhythm review while teaching lessons using Zoom during March through to June. I would love to be one of the winners. I think the magnetic boards would be very helpful teaching online lessons.

    1. Would LOVE to add the Grand Staff Magnetic Erase board to my studio, especially now that I teach only online lessons. This seems like an awesome way to make teaching more visual and fun!

  4. Everything that I’ve seen from Wendy is visually appealing and looks like a fabulous resource! I love the magnetic grand staff board and that it has colorful options for the notes and note names. Such a great visual! Online teaching is tough, but these resources would make it so much better!

  5. I would love the grand staff dry erase board because I want to be able to show students where the notes on the grand staff are on the keyboard. This would really help me as I start teaching lessons online.

  6. What a fun giveaway! The magnets and rhythm cards look very fun. I’ve been sending students on musical “treasure hunts” lately to find certain symbols in their music and these would add a fun element (pick a card, pick a color, etc.)

  7. I’d love the grand staff magnetic board which I think would be very helpful for online lessons. Also the circle of fifths would be very helpful for some hands on activities during in person theory lessons. Love all her products! I have the rhythm cards already and an older version of her rhythm magnetic tiles.

  8. The Grand Staff Magnetic Board would be great! I use a 2nd camera looking down at the piano keys in online teaching, but I think the magnet board, where I could show the notes on the staff & keyboard at the same time, would be very helpful for my students. I love the different colors & the sharps/flats. It would be so wonderful for teaching!

  9. I can thing I’d all kinds of uses for her Grand Staff Dry Erase Magnetic Board! Would love it have one of those!

  10. I really like the layout of the Grand Staff and Keyboard Dry Erase Magnetic Board – would be so handy to have both on one side.

    My students have been enjoying Musical Tag.

  11. I’d love to use the Grand Staff magnetic wipe off board! My best tip is to use improvisation in every lesson. It works so well during online lessons and allows students to use what they know!

  12. I often use a laminated sheet of paper during my lesson. With a dry erase marker I can quickly write out things I’m trying to explain and erase quickly and ask them to write something.

  13. The grand staff dry erase board looks super useful! I currently have a student struggling with learning the staff notes (but knows keyboard fairly well), and this would be a great resource to use with her!

  14. I have a very old white board so I’d love to upgrade to a new one, especially with the magnets!

  15. I would love the magnetic Grand staff board and magnet notes. I’ve been using a plain whiteboard which is great for explaining some things, but having the keyboard and staff with the colored magnets would really help in teaching notes which seems to be what my students need. Thanks!

  16. My latest most fun online game with my students is You Play, I Play. We start off by breaking up the piece into 4 measures per segment and student takes turns with me to sight read their parts. A great sight reading exercise for students of all levels.
    By the way, love love love the colorful material Wendy has come up with! It will surely be a big hit!

  17. I am in love with all of these beautifully-colored materials! It definitely looks like the gold standard of magnetic staff boards. I’m also loving that circle of fifths! Definitely more added to my to-be-purchased list! ?

  18. I have been using my music staff whiteboard even more than usual since teaching online. Of course, mine is super simple. I made it using a template that I found on this blog, if I remember correctly! I would love to have a magnetic one as well! And the circle of fifths board looks awesome too 🙂

  19. The circle of 5ths looks fantastic. I have a big group of students venturing into scales and chords and this would make it fun!

  20. I would use the magnetic staff. I constantly use a larger one that I made with a Fri erase board and pipe cleaner notes, but I would like a smaller one to work down toward reading notes on regular size music.

  21. The magnetic board looks amazing and so helpful! One of the most important things I think a teacher can do right now is take a moment to just talk to their students and hear how they are doing. That’s probably my biggest tool right now.

  22. The magnetic grand staff board would be so beneficial to use during online lessons. I could easily see myself using this in every lesson! Also would love the rhythm magnet tiles!!!

  23. I have the magnetic grand staff board and absolutely love it! My youngr students love to place the magnetes themselves to show me that they know their notes and it’s been great for teaching online.

  24. I love all of Wendy’s products! Wow! I think the most interesting right now are the rhythm magnets. I like the look of them and am thinking of some different things to do this fall – such as using your Poetry for Rhythmic Expression cards and having students begin composing. The rhythm magnets would be a great visual aide in getting the correct rhythms notated on the staff! Thanks for all that you do for us Joy! You’re the best! 🙂

  25. I would love the staff dry erase board. It’s put together so cleanly and I love visuals that actually work!!

  26. Love these products! How do you even choose?! ? Another resource I love using is NoteMatch! It’s an awesome tool for teaching and Tara (the creator) is so personable and creative. Everything she makes is inspiring!

  27. This looks fantastic!!
    1. I feel like the method books I use (although they’re great) don’t reinforce note names enough – so I use a plain white board to practice notes on the staff (but I’m getting tired of drawing the lines all the time!); and also call and response with notes in a 5-finger position: me playing the notes, they play it back and then notate them on staff paper.

    I would most like the magnetic white board with the staff and colored note-magnets – fantastic!
    I would also like the rhythm tiles because rhythm work is a great way to finish each lesson.

    Thanks for the post!

  28. So many great resources! I would love either the magnetic rhythm tiles or the circle of fifths spinner. Both would be invaluable to use during online lessons!

  29. I would love to win the rhythm magnetic tiles. I have a class full of students who are afraid to count out loud. It is especially difficult to count together on zoom or FaceTime. I think these tiles would help.

  30. I have never really been a teacher that use these type of tools until Covid. Having to teach teach online during this time has shown me how valuable these tools can be. I have utilized a white board and an iPad recently and these will definitely come back into the studio with me in September. I know these amazing tools would be a hit with our students and teachers. TriTone Music Studios would be thrilled to win this amazing set!
    Thank you for all you do for music teachers.

  31. I love all of the resources you shared, and even had names of students these resources would benefit come to mind. I am a high risk, underlying health conditions person and will be teaching virtually until we have a vaccine, so products like Wendy’s would be so helpful!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  32. Love these! I remember following Wendy’s blog back in the day! I’d love to use the Grand Staff magnetic board. I love that it incorporates notes and sharps/flats. Looks super useful and a really clean, attractive design!

  33. As a fairly new piano teacher, I am absolutely thrilled at the thought of using these materials to supplement my instruction, especially the Grand Staff Magnetic Dry-Erase Board!

  34. A go to resource for me lately has been the Piano Explorer magazine. I would love to use any of the products you reviewed. I can see great uses for them!

  35. I would love the Grand Staff Magnetic Dry-Erase Board and help my son to start making his own music (he’s been doing it on paper so far).

  36. I would love to use the grand staff magnetic board to work on note reading during online lessons! I think it would be a great visual learning tool for my students!

  37. I would like to use the Rhythm Flashcards. I am teaching online and if my students have the flashcards, I could clap a rhythm and have them write it using the flashcards.

  38. These products all look great, but I would especially enjoy using the Circle of Fifths Magnetic Spinner Board because one of my goals this year is for all my students to have a firm grasp of key signatures and the relationships between keys.

  39. I have been wanting a staff board like that for a long time. It would be super helpful for younger students in their online lessons this fall! Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. I’d love to have either the circle of 5ths magnets or rhythm magnets. Both would be extremely usefulness for all levels.

  41. I’d love to use the rhythm magnets in my piano and voice studio!The idea of making them proportional in size is inspired!!

  42. These all appear to be wonderful tools for online teaching! I love the rhythm magnets, and would use them to create rhythm patterns for my students to clap or tap at the start of each lesson! I am about to checkout Wendy’s site!

  43. Inspired! I have students make flash cards but would love to have these teaching tools to encourage my students to make additional creative and colorful cards like Wendy’s!

  44. The dry erase board would be such a versatile tool for either online or in-person lessons. Great idea!

  45. Thank you, Joy, for introducing Wendy’s fantastic teacher resources! The magnetic dry erase board is pure genius! I have been going back and forth between a regular dry erase board and an overhead camera angle which shows a close-up view of the piano keys. It gets the job done, but showing the color-coded magnets on the keyboard and staff all-in-one view would be so helpful. It looks like it is a nice, comfortable size to use and hold up to the camera for online lessons. I was hoping to re-open to in-person lessons in September but have decided to stay online for at least the fall semester due to very high rates of infection in our area. Thank you for the inspiration to try something new with our teaching.

  46. I would love the magnetic staff because it is perfect for teaching students notes and their place on the staff.

  47. Thank you for sharing this, Joy! I’ll leave 2 comments: #1–I have found Forrest Kinney’s Create First books to be lifesavers. When students arrive in an off mood and aren’t really excited to have a lesson, a little improv always brings the smile back and gets them in the mood to be at the piano again. Love his books. #2–I love Wendy’s grand staff magnetic board. I’ve been considering having something like this for a while, and it would be a perfect resource for my studio.

  48. I would love to add Wendy’s grand staff magnetic board to my studio. I can think of one student in particular who would benefit from practice with this resource. He is struggling with intervals, and some note reading. I think this resource would really help him! Thank you for the opportunity!

    1. Loved them! Ordered almost everything! Thank you for passing on great resources to us. So excited to add these to my studio. Happy to support Wendy’s creativity.

  49. I love all these resources! And I love the circle of 5ths spinner! Everything is colorful which makes it more appealing to students.

  50. I love the magnetic and dry erase Grand Staff! The versatility is marvelous! I particularly like the way the notes can be shown on the staff and then shown on the keyboard. I can imagine many many uses. This would be especially helpful during online teaching!

  51. The magnetic staff board would be amazing to have for my young beginners, especially since we’re still online.

  52. I love the colorful, but simple design of these beautiful resources! The magnetic staff would probably be my first choice, as I can see this being a popular go-to for both beginning and intermediate students. Thanks for this opportunity!

  53. My students are using a new procedure of “Welcome, Wash and Write” when entering the studio. I welcome him/her at the door with a squirt of hand sanitizer and a verbal rhythm. The student then goes and washes hands while repeating the rhythm 20 times. Then the student comes to my whiteboard and writes out the rhythm of the day. Any of the give away items could be integrated into my 3 W’s. Thank you!!!

  54. I would love love love the magnetic staff board! It’s so colorful and I love that it has everything you need for teaching purposes. I think it would make teaching online so much easier for me!

  55. Magnets and dry erase has been a staple to reusing materials! Great time saver tip! Thanks Wendy for your generous freebie!

  56. Love this idea! One of my favourite teaching aids is my MYC tinsheet and magnets – endless opportunities and ways to us it.
    I’m particularly interested in the magnet rhythm box and would be thrilled to win!!!

  57. Such amazing tools!! I would love the magnetic dry erase grand staff / keyboard board for sight-reading and to focus on trouble spots – write out a one- or two-measure motive and have the student play it, then change something subtle (one note, or alter the rhythm slightly) and have them play it again. It would also be great for lead-sheet prep – I could write out one or two simple measures in the treble clef and have the student harmonize the bass line (working up from a single chord or fifth to trickier chord progressions within a short phrase).

  58. I love my magnetic staff board and would love to win this giveaway so I can add the circle of fifths board and rhythm tiles. Awesome products!!??

    1. For some reason question marks were added to my reply. There is no question mark in regards to the quality of these products!

  59. I would love the magnetetic grand staff board and tools! I’ve made my own out of paper, but it’s not lasting. I use mine to teach 20 home private piano students, 9 beginner university students, plus distance learning for general music k-5. I’m exhausted trying to keep things neat and tidy without losing pieces for each class and student. It would be amazing to have this resource!

  60. I love all the materials in this blog post-I especially am interested in the rhythm magnets and the magnetic whiteboard! Resuming face to face teaching with social distancing, I’ve found a long pointer to be really valuable-the kind with the plastic white glove hand on the end-that way I can point to the keys without touching a student’s hands. I didn’t realize how much we rely on touch to model to our students until now.

  61. i like to pull out a Simon game for off keyboard fun or for screening students. Great pitch recognition, can see if they fall into rhythm with the pattern, etc. I would love the eraser board for sure!

  62. I would love to use the Rhythm Magnet tiles- they would be useful for creating smaller rhythm “cells” to use with students.

  63. I would love all three but if I have to pick one, it would be the circle of 5th. It would be a great resource for my students.

  64. Each of my students is receiving a small magnetic dry erase white board to use this year as we tackle online lessons. Wendy’s magnetic grand staff board and magnets would be a great addition to my go-to teaching materials.

  65. I would love the Rhythm Magnetic Tiles or the Dry Erase Board. I am always working on notes and I like the dry erase board in that it has the ledger lines and the keyboard, it’s nice to see how they correlate. I also love the magnetic rhythm tiles. I love that they are shorter and longer in length depending on their note value. Many of my students have a hard time grasping 2 eighths equal 1 quarter note. Would be nice to show them with these tiles.

  66. The rhythm magnet tiles look amazing. It is awesome to see such colorful teaching tools. I think manipulative help engage students in a different way. Hitting more learning styles and hopefully soaking the knowledge in.

  67. These tools look like they would be very helpful teaching in person or online! These would be a great addition to any piano studio! Thanks for sharing!

  68. I constantly use my laminator! It’s perfect for worksheets and such that can be reused with dry erase markers!

  69. What wonderful resources! I love the circle of keys! How helpful this would be to have on hand during a group or private lesson!
    The magnetic staff would be a handy tool to help build chords, scales, or introduce new notes!

  70. Hello Joy…. these materials look beautiful! I would be extremely grateful to win any of them. The magnetic board with the grand staff would be a great tool for my online piano lessons. A tool that I have been using recently is the app flashnote derby which seems to motivate some of my students. Wishing all the teachers a successful start to this unusual school year! ????

  71. The Customizable Circle of 5ths Spinner would be SOOO handy for online lessons. Big. Colourful. Customizable. And a spinner to boot for games!!! I want one!!!!

  72. I would love to win this! I’ve been following you for 4 years now! Love all you post and if you love it, I usually love it! 🙂

  73. This will be helpful. I have several transfer students who do not know the names of many symbols. I have been using Music Wraps to help review and a different way.

  74. I have a grand staff board similar and it’s so useful for online lessons!
    The other thing I’ve loved to use whilst teaching online is the share screen function on zoom plus annotate – the students love ‘interacting’ through writing on the same place together.
    I’d love the circle of fifth or the rhythm cards!

  75. These resources look well made and would work well for on line lessons. I’m going to check out Wendy’s web site. Being that she is Canadian I would love to support her. Winning the circle of fifths or the magnetic boards would be awesome.

  76. The grand staff magnetic dry erase board would be perfect for teaching. It’s difficult to find music teaching resources here and I haven’t ordered many things online before. I don’t actually know where I would look. Now I know about this website.

  77. I am always looking for teaching tools to enhance the lessons, especially now that some are on virtual. An idea we have done is to take the music alphabet and challenge students to create words using the alphabet. Then play the words on the piano, string them together, and create a song. Thanks very much!

  78. I would love a deck of the Rhythm Cards. During online lessons, I like to use my good old-fashioned white board under my overhead camera. The cards look like the perfect size for displaying a few on the whiteboard. Thank you, Joy, for hosting this giveaway and for sharing so much valuable information and wisdom with the piano teaching world!

  79. I love the magnetic feature of the staff that allows you to have it upright on the piano! It looks like it erases a lot more easily than the whiteboard I currently use.

  80. These products look great and so helpful for our online lessons. The dry erase magnetic board looks really versatile. I like the design and colour of the rhythm tiles. How I would love to win one of Wendy’s resources! Thank you for offering this opportunity for us! It’s been valuable reading the ideas that teachers have shared here.

  81. I own many of Wendy’s games. I am a big fan of her circle of 5th magnetic spinner board. I been using her circle of 5th spinner before the pandemic in my live classes. It makes learning theory so much fun. Even my 6 years old students are eager to learn the whole circle of 5th so they can just put the circle tiles on the magnetic board. Wendy knows how to make learning theory so much fun, that the kids are hungry to learn. This is a great product to use online through Zoom. I hold up the board and the kids call out which key to add to the circle.

    I have bought most of Wendy’s music games and supplies from her Shoppe in the past, so I wish everyone luck on the draw.

    Wendy’s games are an added value to your music studio. The games are also easy to clean with soap & water.

    1. Thank you Anita for the kind words. So happy you enjoy all the resources. I’m tremendously grateful for your support throughout the years 🙂

  82. These would be GREAT for online lessons as I begin the Fall semester next week with my studio practice! Had taken a break, moving internationally, homeschooling & raising 3 boys. I’m SO excited to be able to teach piano again!

  83. All the products look amazing and so piano-teacher friendly! I would love ANYTHING from Wendy! Thank you for sharing, Joy!!

  84. I would love the magnetic grand staff. I have 3 new beginners and teaching them online has been a huge struggle for me. This would be perfect for me to better teach the grand staff.

  85. I ordered the Grand Staff, rhythm cards, and rhythm magnets. Can’t wait to get started with them. Would love to be able to have more grand staffs for student use in a group setting. I know I will use these tools frequently!

  86. I would love the circle of 5ths board – it would be a great tool to use with students both inline and in studio. I’ve been loving the Zoom ‘share content‘ feature. By being able to enlarge music to almost just one bar, it had really helped students to identify and correct rhythm and note inaccuracies.

  87. Hi I like to use a magnetic board in my lessons. I find it very useful when illustrating the new concepts in the lessons. If I was chosen for the draw I would love to have the Grand Staff magnetic board. Thank you for sharing this in your blog.

  88. I would use ALL of these things. One tip I have found is that kids respond to the colorful visuals. USE THESE THINGS. Kids love all of them.

  89. I would definitely use the magnetic rhythms for on line lessons! Actually any of those things are fantatstic@

  90. My teaching tip: Always have some staff paper and easy music ready for students who forget to being their books to lessons. You can fill time and still have an effective lesson by having them compose, sight read, and name flashcards.

    I think I would most love Wendy’s magnetic staff board. It seems very versatile, and it could help many students in many ways. For instance, I have had a student struggle with associating notes on the staff with the notes on the piano, and I think this tool would be perfect to help her understand!

  91. The magnetic music staff would definitely come in super handy for all my online lessons with my students!

  92. I actually placed an order as soon as I saw your blog post. I just received the package yesterday and I can’t wait to use it with my students. If I would win, I would love to receive the Dry-Erase Board. Great resources, I highly recommend it to everyone!

  93. The magnetic board looks like an amazing resource especially for online lesson! And the circle of fifths board would be perfect for the students trying to visualize it.

  94. This is so cool! I think it’s a great board and the giveaway is an awesome idea. I am excited to be making an order of other materials.

  95. I love that they are magnetic! These are excellent tools especially while teaching online! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  96. All the teaching tools look so fun. My tip is…I switched from using ZOOM to Muzie.Live. It’s much easier to use, the sound is better, and it’s free. No need to adjust audio settings, and there are chats and places to share files and lesson notes for each student. Also, no need to send an invite each time. There’s a paid version if you want to have a group, too. So great!

  97. The circle of fifths magnetic board would be a great way to help my students understand how it works!

  98. What a nice variety of great products. To get started the Grand Staff board would be excellent. Teacher tip: I’m taking in webinars over my Summer break. Our teacher community groups have really been supportive. I’ve taken in a lot of information. Trying to sort and know what fits my teaching style.

  99. I recently bought her rhythm magnetic tiles and LOVE them! Here’s my virtual teaching tip: I was having trouble locating all the music that my students were playing so I cut the bindings of all the method books, hole punched them and put them in a big 3-ring binder. I also made another binder and tabbed it with all my students names with all the supplemental pieces they are working on. Last, I put a bin of all the book that some students are in to easily grab. It took me a while to find a system that worked for me so I hope this helps some of you!

  100. I haven’t tried any of Wendy’s items but they all look like so much fun! The magnetic tiles or the staff board would be great for either online or in person lessons!! Keeping fingers crossed and saying a prayer that my name is one of the ones chosen!!?

    1. I would love to have this music materials for teaching and it would be lovely that my students had them too!

  101. It would be wonderful to enjoy these wonderful tools for teaching. From recognition of higher- lower, direction, lines- spaces, step skips, note names, intervals, keys, chords, etc., etc., etc.!!! Thanks for making these available to support teachers in their studio. They look great! (I thought I already left a comment, butI don’t see my name above. Perhaps I put it in the wrong place??? )

  102. These are such creative teaching tools/games. I could hardly teach without the magnetic board. I would love to have the rhythm magnets. This would really make the students think, and an easier way to teach rhythms than having them write out the notes (which would come later in their learning, I think.) Thank you, Wendy and Joy, for making these available to teachers.

  103. This would be so amazing to incorporate into my piano studio. These are brilliant and innovative! I’m in awe! It would be incredible to win such an extraordinary resource for my students and watch them learn and grow from them. Thank you!

  104. All of those resources look like wonderful teaching aids! The magnetic staff would be super handy to use during online lessons. It would save a step of switching to a white board on Zoom & quickly drawing my own staff!

  105. Thx for the opportunity Wendy and Joy !! I love them all but our studio students will love to use circle of fifths ??????

  106. The resources look very professional! I am very interested in the magnetic staff board and well as the circle of 5ths. Your masks look great too!

  107. Thank you everyone for your interest and for participating in the giveaway. It was such a pleasure teaming up with Joy to do this. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your comments and ideas you’ve shared. I wish all of you success in your teaching and a wonderful musical year ahead!

  108. Thank you for sharing these wonderful resources. They are very child friendly and are very useful for teaching my elementary school students. They are bright and lovely and will draw my students’ attention. With that said I have to get some of these items so that I can have enough material for my live online classes. Thanks again.

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